a b in an art class?

<p>Okay, so I know I already posted a thread a while ago about B's in electives hurting you, and I got a few responses saying "they're the easy classes, you should get A's." although I do agree partially with this, my situation iso a little different now.
The only B I got (B+ first marking period, B second, A- on the final project, B for final grade) was in art. and it wasn't an easy art class, it was Art Major 1. Will this really bring down my chances for selective colleges? I don't plan on majoring in art, if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>Well I mean Brian got an F in his wood shop class because he couldn't make a lamp. Things could be worse.</p>

<p>It's looking pretty bad. Just bring a flare gun to school and stash it in your locker.</p>

<p>All kidding aside colleges don't even factor it in when they recalculate the gpa. Basically, don't worry about it at it all whatsoever.</p>

<p>My god, get out of here please. This isn't a place for your academic whining.</p>

<p>dblazer, thank you. :) and to francaisalamatt, I wasn't whining. I was simply asking a question.</p>