A "B" in Chemistry??

<p>We got 4th quarter (senior) interim grades yesterday. A "B" in Advanced Topics in Chemistry won't derail my kid's admission to the college of his choice will it? Don't they have to really tank to have an admission rescinded? After saying "no" to nine other schools, he won't find himself out on the sidewalk, will he? He said he keeps thinking chemistry will be more like alchemy and is always disappointed by the reality.</p>

<p>Don't worry about a B! This is not what the colleges mean by failing to keep up a good academic record! He will be fine!</p>

<p>You can stop being a worry-wart now. :) (From personal experience, I know that's far easier said than done.) If it were a <em>D</em>, there would be a stern letter home. Even a C (or sometimes even TWO Cs!) might produce a letter, but unlikely any severe consequences. A pattern of MULTIPLE Cs or Ds or an F would almost surely get a serious conference and perhaps a rescinding.</p>

<p>A single B? Please. Go take a nice walk outside and smell the flowers, and then hug your wonderful kid, tell him you love him, and have a nice meal.</p>

<p>Please don't worry, enjoy these final days, events.</p>

<p>I of course did tell him he was wonderful and golden. But my job is the worrying! I can't do the homework so I have to do something.</p>

<p>I got into college with Bs, and I had those same Bs when I graduated.</p>

<p>I also have a friend who dropped to Cs and Ds (yes, multiple) and kept all of her acceptances to various top schools.</p>


<p>You are one of the most rational voices on this board. I always pay attention to what you say. Thanks! I worry with you guys so I don't have to with my kid.</p>

<p>Oh gosh, if that were going to derail it, S would never be a junior in college now. Please don't worry, Bethie--he is fine!!!!!!</p>

<p>Thanks, Bethievt.</p>

<p>My D got a C- :eek: in AP Calculus at 1st semester grading, before acceptance at her school, and it didn't seem to hurt anything. Don't know how this semester is going, but probably not drastically better.</p>

<p>"Calculus is hard" she tells me. Heh.</p>

<p>A B in chemistry is great. No need to worry!!!</p>

<p>bethie, y'all are good as gold. No problem . He might get a medal. I agree with others that the schools are talkingabout a string of C's at least (certainly not one or two) or dropping all the hard classes after acceptance. That last one really seems to tick them off.</p>

<p>"But my job is the worrying! "</p>

<p>Agreed ... but don't forget, our other job is rejoicing!</p>

<p>Bethie, I'm surprised that this was your post -- you're an old pro around here. I'm with the others in this thread, go enjoy the spring and don't worry about it. The UW famously rescinded a handful of acceptances last year, but they were all for students who pretty much flunked second semester. I haven't read much anywhere (including here in NervousParentville) about offer withdrawals for getting good but not fabulous grades.</p>

<p>One of my students is failing my class with no hope of passing. He doesn't need the credit to graduate, however. I talked to him about the fact that he had earned a free ride to college, and perhaps that would be in jeopardy, so he needed to contact his college. A couple days later, he said that he had called, and that they weren't worried, since the class wasn't in what his major would be. He is a signed scholarhip athlete. Sigh! (And people wonder why kids think it's OK to succumb to senioritis!) If an "F" won't do it, then a B won't be a problem. Time to chill with a nice glass of wine and plan the linens, lamps, etc.</p>

<p>Well they all say they want to see the "most rigorous courseload available" so I worried when he didn't take AP Bio. Then they say he needs to "maintain OR IMPROVE academic performance" after acceptance. I'd like to plan lamps and sheets, but we've had no contact from the school except a little online congrats since he sent in his roommate survey. This was WEEKS ago! Where is their enthusiasm? Maybe they're dealing with their waitlist. Ok, I'll try to get a life. Join me for Happy Hour?</p>

<p>chill, bethie. I'll join you for a margarita.</p>

<p>Now, what are your summer plans? Thats my new goal, planning a trip somewhere with S.</p>

<p>We've been to many far-off places with strange sounding names, but this summer it looks like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Margaritas it is! Though, this being Syttende Mai, or Norwegian Constitution Day, perhaps aquavit would be more appropriate.</p>

<p>Bethie, we hadn't heard from our son's school for a month after he sent his acceptance (except for seeing the cancelled check and a postcard from the housing office), so I called the registrar. Bang -- three envelopes full of stuff and a course catalog two days later. Go ahead and give them a call before your Scandinavian bacchanal. You'll feel better.</p>

Come on over to Sinner's Alley. All kinds of interesting cocktails and funny stories are being served up. Guaranteed no hangovers, virtual or otherwise, and some guaranteed laughs. You've got a great kid, chem's a tough course for lots of kids, and will not even be a blip on the kiddo's radar. It's a beautiful weather day, yes? Plan your summer excursion. No worries!</p>