A.B./Sc.B, PLME q? Urgent!

<p>Quick question guys,</p>

<p>I selected in the first part of the Brown app that I was interested in doing (A.B. & M.D.) PLME. Does this mean I have to do the additional essays for the “Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, or Physics Statement” as well as the “PLME Statement”?</p>

<p>If yes, i have my essays done for the PLME and can use it for the other personal statement. will the PLME review board see all the personal statements i wrote when applying to brown or just the essays on the PLME page?</p>

<p>Please provide input… Im so confused.</p>


<p>I believe both the adcoms for the university and plme see all of your application. I also chose AB & MD, I do not think you have to do the extra eng/chem/comp sci essays as long as you didnt select any of those as your first choice academic interest in part one.</p>

<p>good, i didnt
thanx very much</p>

<p>damn. sucks for me</p>