A Bit Controversial, But...

<p>I have a friend who is currently a freshman at UMiami. He is a work hard/play hard type of person; he studies diligently, but he also loves to party. He told me that lots and lots of people at Hecht (and even at Stanford) smoke marijuana and drink alcohol. Does anyone know how often complaints are filed/arrests are made? I'm merely curious. :)</p>

<p>Nearly 200 views and not so much as one reply?</p>

<p>“lots and lots” of people is very vague…</p>

<p>There are many sub-free floors in the dorms with students that don’t participate in that type of partying. However, even a few on those floors partake and occasionally get caught. UMiami police and Coral Gable police do arrest students with illegal contraband. This happens more often than you think, but documentation would be found in the office files in the particular dorm where the incident occurs. Depending on the amount found, some students do find themselves in jail, kicked out of dorms and/or school, loss of scholarship, etc. RA’s do floor sweeps when on duty and then are required to report such incidents. How it is handled is above their level.
A random guess would be that incidents occur daily and more than that on the weekends.
Is it worth losing a scholarship over to get caught in a dorm? If you are going to party, do it outside the dorm so you don’t lose your residence.</p>

<p>Totally agree with florida1213. If you are gonna play, you might have to pay…dearly!
Easier to party off campus…</p>

<p>Your friend is correct about a lot of people drinking and doing weed. A lot of people can get caught, but that’s usually if they do it in their room or in a stupid place. Also the statement about sub-free floors is not completely correct. A lot of people even on subfree floors smoke and drink. Most of the time when people are caught they just receive a warning if it’s for drinking. If it is for smoking, the person is written up, talks to a cop, has to do a drug test, does community service, and has to pay a fine. That’s usually the extent of the punishment though.
Most students under age drink at least once. freshman are the worst, and usually have the only alcohol poisoning occurrences in campus. Honestly, once you come to college, you’ll be more open to what happens around you and not really care what others do. If they want to do illicit activities, let them. It’s not like it affects you.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for all the responses :)</p>