A bit of a dilemma; rejection for uni

<p>I've been getting my acceptance letters the past month and so far I've been doing good up until now. Here's what the list of acceptances, deferment, and rejection from the schools I applied to look like:</p>

<p>SUNY Geneseo - Deferred
SUNY Albany - Accepted
SUNY Oneonta - Accepted
SUNY Buffalo - Accepted
CUNY Baruch C* - Accepted
U Vermont - Accepted
U South Carolina - Deferred
Old Dominion U - Accepted
Penn State at University Park - Accepted
Bowling Green SU - Accepted
Fordham U* - Accepted
Northeastern U- Rejected
Elon U - Accepted
New York U* - Have yet to hear from them</p>

<li>- schools in New York City</li>

<p>That's 10 acceptances, 2 deferments which I'm scratching off my list, and one rejection. Ok so I have a lot of options here but I was looking forward to look to one school in the entire list. The rest I simply applied to because I heard they had good programs and I knew my stats would fit in. The one school I wanted to go to was Northeastern. It's in a city on the east coast, and 4 hours away from home (I'm from New York City). This is important to me because I just can't see myself in a rural/suburban area, not now nor in the future. I get sick when I'm in areas that simply are "dead." I also want to leave home, meaning I want to dorm, no matter where I go. NEU filled that need as well as I would have had to dorm in order to go there. Unfortunately the other city schools I either don't have dorming available (Baruch) or did not offer me dorming (Fordham). And I'm guessing that if NEU rejected me then NYU will probably do the same as they are harder to get into.</p>

<p>When I first found out I was rejected I got that generic letter that says "we regret to inform you.....blah blah blah." They gave no specific answer as to why I was rejected. I even thought I had a good chance, especially after my friend got in. Although he's a good student his grades (91 avg vs. 85.7 avg, unweighted; i'm ranked in top ten while he is probably in the top 40s) and test scores (counting M/R only: low 1100s vs. high 800s/low 900s) are all below mine. I have 17 college credits after 5 college courses, and I'll probably have 21 credits once I finish the one I'm taking right now. He only took one college class and that was with me during the summer that just passed. In terms of AP classes and honor classes, we were on par but I received the higher grades in them. Extracurricular activities, did one or two junior yr and this year, while I ended up doing something all 4 yrs. I think you get the idea. I look at NEU's website and they talk about how all these things help you out a lot during the admissions process. Where could I have gone wrong? I even e-mailed them about this because I just don't get it. I understand if I were rejected from a very pretigious college with a low acceptance rate because I would have been unrealistic in applying to begin with but that's not the case here. I don't feel I was being unrealistic in hoping to get an acceptance from them. If my friend got in why couldnt I get in? To boot, my friend applied pretty much on the deadline because he only wanted to use the fee waivers he had left so I suggested NEU, but he doesn't even have intentions of going now because he wants to stay in home. This bothers me to no end.</p>

<p>So right now I don't know what to do. I have options but only because I heard and read about their programs in business did I apply to those schools. I have only visited U Vermont, SUNY Oneonta, and Northeastern. I used to live on Fordham (the area, not campus lol) and still pass by the uni as I take the bus to my grandma's house so I'm pretty familiar with what Fordham looks like. That's it though. The other schools I've heard of are in pretty much suburban areas and if they are cities they certainly aren't anywhere near close to what I would call a city. (For example, Burlington, Vermont is supposed to be a city and when I went there I couldn't help but laugh at their definition of a city. It only gets called a city because it meets the population criteria to be named so.) What happens from this point on? What should I do? Right now I don't even feel like going to college because I just won't feel comfortable at all at these other places.</p>

<p>Would a university ever reverse its decesion about a rejection?</p>

<p>I need some serious advice here. :(</p>

<p>BTW let me add that Penn State offered me $9k in fin-aid ($3k in scholarship, $6 in work-study and loans) but they estimated it would cost me $31k to attend. I'm not putting myself in debt coming right out of college by nearly $90k.</p>

<p>It's surprising you got rejected from Northeastern, at least to me, especially since you got a scholarship to Penn State (that's a really popular school around here). Maybe it's not that you aren't 'smart enough' to go there, it's just that they saw something in your app that might not make you a good fit for the school. Perhaps something in your essay? And then there is the rare chance that you were overlooked and that you really do belong there. I don't know the process, but I know some schools allow you to appeal the decision. And although it's very, very, very rare to get accepted once you've been, well, rejected, it has happened in some cases!</p>

<p>I cannot help you but I have always thought about Fordham u because I have always wanted a college seatshirt that says FU!</p>

<p>If you really feel like you won't be comfortable at any of your schools, you might want to consider taking a year off, reevaluating what you want from college, and reapplying. You very well might get into Northeastern if you use your gap year well, or you might find another school you think you would like.</p>

<p>i am really surprised to hear you didn't get into northeastern. i go there, and i know some people here who had wayyy worse stats like that but still got in somehow. some people here make me wonder how they got to any college at all. isn't there away for people to contest their rejection (or maybe it was deferment) or at some schools? like to appeal the decision? try and look into that for NEU. maybe an interview in person with an admissions person will help you out. by the way, what school/program did you apply to, if any? if it was pharmacy, then maybe your stats weren't strong enough (you didnt say what your scores were...) i really hope you can get accepted in there somehow, it truly is an amazing school.</p>

<p>Coming from out of state and getting into PennState UPark is quite an accomplishment. All of my friends there love it to death, its not a city like NYC (but really, what is?) but it is still quite an urban setting. With that many college credits already you could graduate in 3 years and save the last year's tuition. I don't know enough about the other schools on your list to make an informed comment, but PSU is a top ranked public school and will offer you fabulous opportunities after graduation in the Mid-Atlantic/New England area.</p>

I applied to the College of Business Administration at NEU</p>

<p>SATs: 1130 (600M/530R and 560W if you want to look at that; these are all my highest scores after taking it two times)
GPA: 91.03 unweighted
I was Top 9 but I think I moved up a couple of spots because some students were discharged from my school and others didn't have a good term last semester, at least not good enough to keep their GPA going up. I think those are all the scores that I can think of (anything else just ask). I will have to check to see if their decision can be appealed. I actually e-mailed them yesterday and will have to see what they say. After that I might need a miracle on my side.</p>

I was thinking maybe it was my essay but I had that essay reviewed by college counselors, friends, and teachers. They all said it was very good. I mean I know that doesn't guarantee me that the admissions comittee will like my essay but it certainly wasn't a problem for any of the other schools. I mean even the other schools that defferred me offered to put me on the waiting list or to have me transfer/attend in the Spring semester if I wanted to wait.</p>

That actually made me laugh a bit. I do think though that most Fordham U shirts actually say Fordham across the shirt.</p>

Not going to school for one year is not for me. I would have nothing to do. To add if I got too comfortable being away from school I'm not sure I would even want to go back or something might happen that might not allow me to go to school. I understand that for some people this is a solid option but I don't think that's for me. 4 years of hardwork only to take a year off - just not for me.</p>

Penn State was definitely a school I was considering heavily but once they gave me that fin-aid package I simply could not look at it the same way I was before.</p>

<p>By the way, I was informed that NEU is a need-aware school which could explain why my friend possibly got in and I didn't. His parents have better better paying occupations - his dad is a teacher and I forget what his mother does. This terrible though since it basically says that if my parents don't make enough it doesn't matter how good my grades are.</p>

<p>Go to BG, ;) that's where i'm going.</p>

<p>How about if you went to one of the SUNY schools for one year, which wouldn't be nearly the cost of Penn State, and reapply to NE and some other schools which more closely meet your criteria?</p>

<p>if worst comes to worst you could go to a suny and transfer, like ctmom said. out of those sunys, i would suggest albany or buffalo because they're 2 of the maun suny university centers. hmm...you have ok stats for NU so i really dont understand why you were denied. one of my friends had a 1020 and got in somehow (maybe it worked for her bc she came from boarding school, but i digress). definitely see if you can somehow appeal the decision, but if not, you'll obviously have to make other plans. good luck though.</p>

<p>I'm going to see what I can do as far as appealing the decision. If not I'll definitely have to think about what I'm going to do. I mean transfering isn't bad but I almost feel like I would be missing out that first year getting to know other students and stuff. NEU has the co-op program and I wonder how would I get that worked out if I transfer my spohomore year b/c co-op if I'm remember correctly starts second semester of spohomore year. What classes would I have to take and what happens once I transfer and get accepted if that's the case? Wouldn't I need to be in touch with an advisor of some sort. Get credits transfered over and all those things. What happens?</p>

<p>The big plus would be that I would save myself a lot of money for one year. The con would be the headaches of having to transfer credits. And how tough would it be for a transfer student to get familiar with the students already there since freshman year. by the way I technically have about 1 semester's worth of college credits at Lehman College, how do i work around that since all of them fulfill general requirements at most universities? (Psychology, English, Theatre, Economics, Calculus, and currently Philosophy)</p>

<p>Northeastern has raised its admissions standards big time. Many of the people who go there now would probably get rejected if they applied this year. Sorry Balmes Pavolv, you sounded like you really want to go there.</p>

<p>You have no idea. :( Many people look at some ivies and its their dream school. Well Northeastern was that ivy for me. I wouldn't even be so disappointed had I known chances of me attending were slim.</p>

<p>Northeastern is a hot school at my D's HS here in CT. although she would like to consider applying next year, there are about 50 others from her HS who will be applying. I would agree with CTmom....go to a SUNY, see how you feel and transfer to NEU. Contact NEU and find out the logistics of transferring. People do it all the time. It's probably easier than you think.</p>

<p>Don't get so down! You have wonderful offers up there- quite jealous :) The least you can do right now is to call your admissions rep from your area (who was your advocate) and see what was the flaw of your application and what you could do strengthen it. That's what I did. I did want to appeal my decision to Colgate the first time but it hurt a lot to try. So I took their advice to raise my GPA and that was all I needed to get in the following year. Don't try to appeal because if the school had a very competitive year just because there were so many applications that the admissions couldn't possibly remember them all. And they still have a bunch of people on the wait-lists who want to be admitted too.</p>

<p>Heed all the advice above. Try to look around at other schools too. SUNY system is great!</p>

<p>I wouldnt be too broken up about it. Your obviously very bright and you have an amazing list to choose from in order to further your education which alot of pepole dont get. I really dont know how it works on the east coast but here in the mid west (specifically Missouri) I dont really remember having such the "perdicament" as you currently have. I got accepted to the schools I applied to . Granted I applied in state (which is easier and cheaper) but they were still good schools none the less. I do have a theory as to why you hit a slump. Most colleges, especially your more prestigous schools, i.e. WASHU and Truman here in Missouri, are used to your top 10% or better in their grad. class, solid extra cirriculars, blah, blah, blah. They see this on literally THOUSANDS of applications a year. They dont want another valadictorian or pres. of their highschool NHS, or STU-CO member. Even though these schools are competitive there HAS to be SOMETHING that sets you apart from all the people whos applications typically look exactly like yours. I hope that made sense. But then again its just a theory. Congrats on your other acceptances and good luck with whatever college you do choose. :)</p>

I'm definitely looking at transferring as an option. I tried calling the Undergrad Admissions office today but it was busy all the time. I figure that other people are having similar problems but I'll keep calling until I get a pickup.</p>

I'm definitely going to have to work on making a stronger GPA. By the way, I'm curious about your situation. It sounds like you transfered. If so, how was like that? What difficulties did you run into?</p>

I suppose that could be another thing but I certainly don't see why they choose lower academics as a way to pick a student that's different from the common applicant.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice everyone. Any further advice is of course appreciated. I wasn't ready for this rejection but I certainly have to think through things again now.</p>

<p>Finally got through and I asked them a bunch of questions I had written out. At the end I basically would have the option to transfer. Many students do it after one year but since I already have one semester under my belt in terms of college credits all I have to do is take another semester. All I have to do now is determine which school on that list is going to be the least expensive for me while still allowing me to go away for one semester.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help and advice folks.</p>