A cappella?

<p>Hi, I am a high school senior who will most likely be attending RPI next year. One of my passions is music-I currently sing for/am the vocal percussionist for an a Capella group. I want to continue this in college. I was wondering if RPI had any a cappellla groups, and if so, how many and how good/hard to get into are they?
For reference purposes, I am female (AKA all-male groups wouldn't work)

<p>One of my D’s friends attends RPI, and she is involved in an a capella group. I believe that there are several, and she had to audition to join. Look on the RPI website, I believe that they are listed.</p>

<p>After attending the March 26th senior day for admitted student’s I’d say yes, they have A Capella. An A Capella group was highlighted in one of their videos shown at the opener. Plus, during the EMPAC tour, the guide highlighted different activities including A Capella.</p>