A choice between two very different lives.

<p>I have a choice between Temple and Pitt. I have no idea which one I'll pick when I have to throw the dart, which is soon.</p>

<p>At Temple, I'll study advertising/copywriting; a specialized track with a narrow set of opportunities in a competitive field. But Temple is in a large city, close to NYC and DC, with many Ad Clubs and internship opportunities, as well as jobs popping up for copywriting all the time.</p>

<p>At Pitt, I'll study Humanities, Communications, Public service or some amalgamation of the three. I'm a good student, capable of performing at any level that doesn't involve science or math. Pitt is a "more reputable school," and I'd have a very large set of opportunities, however, I just know that I'd want a job in advertising the whole time.</p>

<p>For the record, I've registered at Temple, but still have time for one last hard consideration. Pitt is closer to home and I know people there. I know no one at Temple, but I think I could make that work well. </p>

<p>Thanks for any insight I might get from this!</p>

<p>but humanities and communications will make you more worldly and you can later use that in your advertising. think of advertising as art. i always find art the most compelling and interesting when it has a social meaning behind it!</p>

<p>Since your question is more about the schools and majors rather than strictly transferring, you might want to also post your question on other forums, eg. College Search & Selection and the individual Temple & Pitt subforums.</p>