A college grad, PLEASE help, seriously ...+

<p>I am 25 & going through one of the toughest times in my life, I would say, this is my story it may be long, thanks to u if u get thru and and advise me:</p>

<p>I grad with honors from a great state university, was involved in SGA and my major was Political science, deans list every semester....</p>

<p>I have constantly been confused about my path, I majored in poli sci b/c initially i wanted to do law (also the college i went to had a great law school) however, i saw many law students (unless the grad from top tier) went to work on as paralegals and i just did not want to go into debt working as a paralegal, also my bro worked at the Pto and told me horror stories of the lawyers there,plus its so much money... i suppose my senior year was when i was thinking of becoming a HS government teacher, and I took up a job for one school quarter (the teacher was out on leave) as a HS teacher, i went to the meetings, graded papers/tests, etc, after that experience I realized it was not what i really wanted..at all</p>

<p>All throughout since I graduated, I worked with my dad with a small family business he has had for almost 20 years, with the exceptions of the teaching job that I had for one quarter and an internship</p>

<p>then this past summer I had an internship with an well-known investment firm, and I liked the business world, and think it was great, i enjoyed my clients and the business/corp world.</p>

<p>So a few months ago, I applied to get into a program for MBA to the same school I went to for undergrad, and the recruiters told me I could be qualified since I did work for my family business, and the minimuim work exp is 2 years which I already have(i also had already taken the GRE-but score was not that great though) but still I applied thinking maybe I could get in, but i didnt get in :(
The admissions counselors told me that the average age is 29+ and average work exp is 4 years+ so i obviously dont have that, i just met the bare minimum</p>

<p>right now I am SO LOST and depressed, b/c I dont know what I wanna do, I feel like I am in limbo and since I graduated. I think my major was useless, b/c I have applied for sooo many jobs and i only got one interview and did not even get the job.</p>

<p>so at this point I am thinking of doing another undergraduate degree at the same university that I went to, but this time majoring in Business Adminstration</p>

<p>do u think this major would translate into more opportunities than Poli Sci? i mean I am thinking business majors, could translate into business anaylsts, HR and other stuff?</p>

<p>Also, this time around, I will definately utilize the university career center, and try to get internships every summer... also wanted to add that I have saved up enough money to go back and pay for the undergrad degree, and my credits from my other degree would transfer, so it would take roughly 2 years +/- 60 credits...</p>

<p>any information would be really helpful, i dont want to end up getting another degree and in the same position that I am in right now, i really wanna move forward....</p>

<p>I am so tired of what I have now..I work at a school part-time..</p>

<p>please help me out..btw if I were to start it would be in this summer/fall 2013..i would be 26...i feel old, but if it helps me get to a better place than i am now, it would be worth it.</p>


<p>Really! 400+ people looked at this and NO one had no advice or anything to add??</p>

<p>Is your goal that MBA? If so, then I would look at the best pre-requisites to be qualified for it. If not a second degree- are there certain business classes/math/accounting classes that would make you a more desirable candidate? Can you do an internship now and not wait.</p>

<p>I don’t know the benefit of getting a second degree over doing some post bac classes/internships now that would put you in a better position. Your situation is frustrating, but not much different than students who apply for grad school and dont get in the first round of applying. Assuming they are qualified (and if not, should change directions) many of them do additional classwork/research/internships while re-applying.You even know that if the average age in this program is 29, that there must be others who did other things before attending. </p>

<p>Also, aiming at one program may lower your chances of getting into one of them. Look at several MBA programs to see what pre-reqs you need and apply to them as well. Do you need to retake the GRE and get a better score? Continue working so that you build work experience and continue to save money. You can attend school/volunteer part time.</p>

<p>Once you have a goal in mind, do what you can to move towards it. That will give you a sense of direction and purpose again. 26 may feel old to you, but it really is young in the grand scheme of things, and you would be the same age if you didn’t pursue your goals, so why not?</p>

<p>If you can not decide on a goal, career counseling can help you. You may even be able to access the university one as a grad. However, if you know you want that MBA- go for it.</p>

<p>What do the career counseling folks at your university have to say?</p>

<p>I don’t want to know but you should.:)</p>