A couple of bad grades...

<p>I'm a freshman at an Australian university, and this past semester I received what would be equivalent to 2 As, a B, and... a C. I'm hoping to transfer as a junior to a school like Cornell or Dartmouth. I realise I have three more semesters to make up for it, but am I screwed because of my lackluster performance this semester? How badly would a B and C bring down my overall GPA? I'm Australian so I don't really know how the GPA works.</p>

<p>Assuming all courses are worth 3 units (or the equivalent--3 units is the standard for semester courses in the US, though some courses (math, science, foreign language) sometimes are worth more units) and you received all A's for the next three semesters taking four courses each semester, your final GPA would be 3.81. </p>

<p>However, that would only get you to 48 units--60 are required to be a junior-level transfer (AFAIK--I'm not an expert on Cornell and Darthmouth's policies). If you got to 60 units with all A's, your cumulative GPA would be 3.85.</p>

<p>Now, I won't lie: C's don't help when it comes to Ivy League schools. But if you pull off 48 units of straight A's, and your first semester only has one B and one C, I think you'd still have a chance.</p>