A couple of questions for current students

<p>Did a search but could not find similar threads in the archives, so here we go....</p>

<p>1) Current students, you chose UW over ______ because ________?
2) What is good about UW?
3) What would you change if you could?</p>


<p>1) I chose UW over Marquette and UCLA because of several factors, including:
-location: I have always loved Seattle, and it's 5 hours from home. Plus it's close enough to get back if needed, and far enough that I feel like I can live my own life.
-weather: yes, I grew up in the Pacific NW and like the weather here. It doesn't rain as much as people assume.
-academic opportunities: I came in with a strong interest in business (strong business school) and international studies (the Jackson School is probably the best school of International Studies on the West Coast).
-networking: there are tons of companies/businesses in the area that love networking with UW students, including Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, and Starbucks.
-comfort: it was far enough out of my comfort zone to challenge me to explore and meet new people, but close enough in the sense that I had a handful of high school friends on campus as well (although I barely see any of them)</p>

<p>2) The sense of purpose that the majority of UW students have in regards to civic engagement and public service. We are number one in the nation in Peace Corps volunteers and there are literally hundreds of causes on campus that people are involved in. Not only that, the combination of great academics and innovative new ideas are creating social change all the time. UW is always buzzing with new projects and accomplishments, and it's really inspiring to be around like-minded people. Other things: beautiful campus (cherry blossoms are starting to bloom), strong academics, strong sense of partnership with the community, opportunities for anyone and everyone's interests.</p>

<p>3) If I could change anything, it would be that every student who comes to UW has a chance to learn from the outstanding professors who have taught me how to navigate this university and to maximize the vast resources it offers. Not enough students are getting the personal touch to making their university/college experience great. While UW offers immense opportunities for all students, not everyone is a self-starter or proactive about seeking out the resources that will help them achieve their goals. I'd like to see more students be able to graduate knowing that they took the right classes because their professors were great and not someone who cares more about their research than students.</p>

<p>If I could, I'd also remove professors who clearly cannot teach and have shown consistent ineffective teaching. Rather than making students suffer through abominable lectures, I'd want to replace those professors with professors of the "Outstanding Lecturers of the Year" caliber, which would then factor into funding and how to create enough incentive for those top notch professors to stay instead of bolt for the next Ivy school or Stanford.</p>

<p>PH is on top of his game as usual :-), and is a great advocate for the school. They should be paying him for doing this, since he is a wonderful recruitment "tool". Any other current students care to comment?</p>