A couple questions about Hendrix...

<p>I'm currently a High school senior, and have pretty much decided on Hendrix. I've visited twice and loved the Campus and general feel of the school. The only thing keeping me from enrolling are a couple hesitations I was hoping some people could help me out with. </p>

<p>What kind of intellectual atmosphere is there at Hendrix? I'm the kind of guy who uses Calculus pick-up lines, and the high acceptance rate makes me a little nervous. I want to make sure that Hendrix attracts intelligent students, and isn't just a back-up school. </p>

<p>My second hesitancy involves the social life. I currently attend a small private school in Tennessee, with only 450 students in the high school, and lately I've been feeling cramped. I know Hendrix has three times the students as my high school, but I want to make sure that theres enough going on on campus to keep the social life fresh. Does knowing everyone add to the social scene, or does it end up getting old after a few years? </p>

<p>I appreciate all responses! If there are any seniors out there looking Hendrix, drop me a line. It'd be cool to meet someone as interested in the school as I am.</p>

<p>I'm a freshman from a high school about Hendrix's size, so I can't help a ton regarding whether the school feels too cramped after a few years, but I can tell you that there's plenty of groups and activities to participate in. If you get bored of hanging out with Unity members, try out Sword Club. If you want to meet people outside of Italian Club, volunteer with the VAC one Saturday. There's plenty of things to do, and diversifying what you do can help diversify the people you befriend.
Also, I'd say Hendrix has a fairly intellectual atmosphere. When hanging out during finals week one of my friends made a Socrates allusion in the middle of conversation (granted, it was from the part read in Journeys, so all Hendrix students know it). Of course, again, it depends who you hang out with. Martin Hall partiers are probably not the most intellectual group of friends you could find at Hendrix, for example.
As far as Hendrix being a back-up school... well, it kind of is, but not in a bad way. Let me explain. A lot of very smart kids use Hendrix as a back-up school and end up attending, often because of the good scholarships offered. So, despite the deceptively high acceptance rate, Hendrix ends up with a smart group of kids, for the most part. And I think the school's somewhat self-selective, too- after all, mostly smart kids apply to a school where reading Plato and Darwin is part of the freshman curriculum.
Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions. As far as meeting more high school seniors interested in the school, sometime in the near future there should be a Facebook group called something like Hendrix College Class of 2015, and you can check that out. I used the one for 2014 as a prospie, and it helped a lot. :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the Info! I'm currently trying to decide between Hardin and Couch for next year. I know Hardin tends to be nerdier, and couch is more hippy. Which do you recommend? And I'll be sure to keep my out for such a group.</p>

<p>It's really up to you. Couch has the more active lobby, but I'm partial to the people who hang out in Hardin's lobby. Couch has girls, Hardin has a chalkboard and pool table in the lobby. Both are equally close to the insanity that is Martin, and I'd say they get an equal amount of Martin party overflow. Couch may be slightly closer to most things, but the difference is negligible. Hardin has more nerds/gamers in it, which means more people to play video games with on a whim, but also worse Internet speed. It's your decision.
I'm a Couchie, so I may be a bit biased here. But they're both cool dorms.</p>

<p>Thanks. I think I'll probably end up in couch, just because everything else being even, it's co-ed.</p>

<p>Also a Couchie freshman here! </p>

<p>I occasionally find myself frustrated with a paucity of intellectualism, especially in classes. This might be because I've only taken lower-level classes so far, but it's sucked to be the only person contributing to discussions. There are, however, pockets of really intellectual people - and people are on average pretty intelligent. My two best friends here were accepted to schools like Penn and WashU, but ended up coming here due to financial issues. That said, I might be transferring out due to student apathy, so I would look further at that.</p>

<p>Social life is great. No question. It's small enough to be cozy and large enough to have people you've never met on campus.</p>

<p>I find Couch a little overwhelming, but it's a lot of fun. If you're a guy, first floor doesn't get much sleep. I'm pretty fortunate in that I got second floor, which is the only co-ed floor in the school. Hardin was really tight this year, and it's actually more of a stoner dorm than Couch (despite the stereotype.) Martin is less Martin then it's ever been, so fourth floor is a good party/work balance.</p>

<p>To kinda expand: Hendrix is extremely chill. I'm hyper-competitive, and as such the environment doesn't stimulate me as much it could.</p>

<p>I am a bit disappointed to hear that. I'm pretty chill myself, and not very competitive but I do consider myself a smart guy, and hang out with who you could call intellectuals. I'll probably end up seeking out one of those "pockets" you mentioned. Can you name any examples of the student apathy you're not fond of?</p>

<p>Oh, and you may have just convinced me that Hardins the best for me. I'm sure I'd be happy at either, but I do like my sleep. I'm also going to be bringing an xbox to my dorm, and from what I can tell thats more likely to be appreciated at Hardin.</p>

<p>I am a current sophomore at Hendrix, and from my experience after your freshmen year Hendrix becomes a much more intellectually challenging enviroment. During your freshmen year you will mostly be fufilling domain requirements which means that you will mostly be in 100 level class, which are designed for both major and non-majors and usually they are larger classes that do not foster as much discussions. When you decide what you want to study and you start taking upper level classes the professors push you more and you will be intellectually challenged. My freshmen I was not challenged at all, I never really studied and waited til the night before to write all my papers and I made good grades. This year as a sophomore I basically lived in the library because I had so much work. That shift between work loads between freshmen and sophomore happen for most people at Hendrix and it sucks but it makes you learn a lot more.</p>

<p>Also once you decide you major and start taking classes in that major the students become much more talkative and class and interested. Classes become more discussion based also. I an an International Relations major have spent many of a hours sitting an discussion topics mentioned in class with other IR majors/minors.</p>

<p>Hendrix could be viewed as a back up school, but it is still a really good school. Hendrix opens up opprotunities for grad, law and medical school and they do a good job preparing you for graduate studies. And from what I've heard from employers that recruit at Hendrix and grad school people, is that what makes Hendrix different from a Penn or WashU or the Ivy Leagues is that Hendrix student come out and are well rounded and they are able to apply concepts that they learned in class to real world situations instead of just rambling off random text book facts.</p>

<p>I am also considering Hendrix too! I am visiting the campus in a few weeks and I'm the first person from my school who's applied there. My top choice was Boston University, but I can't afford it and Hendrix gave me the best offer! To be honest, I'm afraid of how nerdy people are. It seems like everyone is really smart since the average gpa for incoming freshman is a 3.8-4.0. Ummm I have a 3.31 and that is completely unweighted. Also, I go to a highly competitive college preparatory school and take all honors classes. Still, my SAT and ACT scores are lower than everyone elses. I just hope I don't stick out like a sore thumb with my in-your-face opinions and vegan footwear. Oh and I'm a skier. I'm doomed in Arkansas ;) haha but email me or just answer me here. I would love to talk to you or anyone else who is really thinking about attending Hendrix!!! I tried finding a facebook group, but failed miserably. Anyway, my email is Meesh3<em>vivre</em><a href="mailto:le_reve@yahoo.com">le_reve@yahoo.com</a></p>

<p>Oh and chances are I'll be in Couch if anything. Otherwise i'll end up in Veasey.</p>