A couple undergraduate degree questions regarding business

<p>I attend University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as a sophomore and have decided to go towards the business route. I am interested in stocks and have recently been reading books about the stock market and find myself more interested. The only two possible directions I can go is get a BA in economics or a BS in Agriculture and Consumer Economics with a Financial Planning concentration. Which degree would be better for recruitment? I plan on getting into the finance industry and potential be a financial adviser. Even thought Agriculture and Consumer Economics has a Financial Planning concentration, I feel like many employers will be turned away by that major because who the hell wants to hire an agriculture major. If I go the economics route, I could potential double major in stats/math but possibly risk my GPA or just double minor in business and stats/math. I am just looking for opinions on what is the most beneficial degree in terms of 1.) getting a job out of college and separating myself from others 2.) getting a job in the business field or financial sector 3.) starting salary by degree 4.) better chances of getting accepted to a MBA program if I decide to go that route (I heard work experience plays a huge factor so I really want to get a good job out of college)</p>

<p>What better place to have this question answered than your career services office where you can get placement statistics, alumni info, etc.?</p>