A Day Game Today...televised, too!

<p><a href=“http://media.al.com/alabama-sports/other/Alabama%20pocket%20guide.pdf[/url]”>http://media.al.com/alabama-sports/other/Alabama%20pocket%20guide.pdf</a></p>

<p>ESPN or ESPN2 will televise the game - 2pm Central time - check your local listings</p>

<p>3pm Eastern
1pm Mountain
noon Pacific</p>

<p>Oh, good! Will get my VCR ready! Just watched the LSU/Bama baseball replay. Can't wait to go to a Bama baseball game next year. Will definitely want to attend the LSU game, especially if it's at Bama. Getting tickets to the Box is about as hard as getting tickets to a Saints game.</p>

<p>Dang, I missed it.</p>

<p>This is amazing....I just read the attendance was 91,312 people for the Alabama Spring game. Over 90K people.....For a SPRING GAME!<br>
Gotta love SEC football....:) </p>

<p>We will see how many Hokies are in Lane Stadium next Saturday to see VT. (I am excited to be one of them :))</p>

<p>We went to the VT spring game last year. They had a great turnout, but nothing like Bama. KandKsmom, I'll be there this year too! GO HOKIES!</p>