A day in the life of Social Distancing

So…because it’s a bit more light hearted than the other threads and also because in the future this is going to be very interesting I’m going to ask for people to describe their plans for Sunday

You can post your plans for tomorrow and if you want come back and say what you really did.

Here are my plans

*An hour or so of work on a legal brief I’m writing
*Virtual Walk with my best friend ( on phone while on treadmill)

  • Watch the movie “ Bombshell”
    *Chicken thigh sheet pan dinner with potatoes
    *Obsess over the “ Coronavirus in the US” thread.
    *Read NYT, WaPo etc…
    *NO leaving the house

BTW no kids at home right now. One daughter a nurse in another city. Other daughter an engineer on work from home in a different city

Edited date out of title since we are well beyond that day


Take a walk if the rain lets up

Call offspring

Church via live stream, maybe a small grocery store run for few of Ds favorites (spring break - uncertain how long she will be here). Would love to hang on back porch because weather is nice but pollen is ghastly and makes me feel awful. So walks outside mostly out unless we get some rain. Small group Bible study will still meet.

Definitely will take pups for a long walk.

30 minutes on my bike. I listen to music while exercising.

I’m watching the Indian Wells Tennis Tourney from 2019. They are rebroadcasting all 10 days from start to finish.

I’ve done laundry every day this week so I can skip that activity tomorrow.

If I feel motivated might start cleaning out my closet and drawers. My big linen closet is a mess too. But I’ll probably wait until Monday to start.

I’m also playing scrabble online with several friends.

Maybe I will try again to start reading my book. I tried the other night but my mind kept wandering.

Some kind of workout.
Work conference call for coronavirus task force.
Read book on iPad/Kindle app.
Eat some more.

Taking waffle making supplies to son’s apt and making breakfast instead of going out for his birthday.
Going for a walk with a friend.
Continue getting house ready for painting.
Hope they institute teleworking for my job.

Clean House
Jazz & Classical Playlists
Watch the rain
Netflix Binge - Containment
Enjoy a lobster dinner
Take a long bath
Read - The Backyard Homestead
Continue to be annoyed that I work for a company advising all permanent employees to work remotely while contractors weren’t given the option or even email notice.
Remain thankful, things could always be worse.

We all slept in very late. B-fast, showers, and getting dressed wasn’t done till almost 11:00!!
Laundry. Everything is clean but not folded so that’ll be first tomorrow.
Little S’s bedroom cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, and toys donated/stored in attic. His desk was then moved into his bedroom.
Then we went for a family hike at the lake. Only came across two other small groups coming the opposite direction.
Dh grilled marinated pork chops for dinner. Everyone inhaled them after the long walk!

Fold laundry and put it away.
Get some propane for the grill.
Make some phone calls about getting a contractor to measure for blinds in the new house.
I’d really like some help curating the books in my library and Little S’s room. S19 is fantastic at this!!
Lots of vegging out online and reading
Kids will probably take frisbee up to empty field.
Dinner- roast turkey, stuffing, glazed carrots
Watch Frozen 2 on Disney+ as a family

Walk two-to-three miles with a friend; yoga interspersed through the day

Get my hair cut - at my house

Eat lunch at local Italian restaurant (debating whether or not I should take this leap)

Wash out the cats’ litter box and put in fresh litter

Prepare food - (make hummus for a snack; meatloaf for dinner)

Laundry - always

Read Middlemarch for the CC bookclub discussion

  • Go by the store very early (before 7) to pick up dried beans to make cassoulet.
  • Long hike or climb with son.
  • Nap.
  • Laundry.

Wake up really late.
Enjoy coffee.
Feed and watch the birds outside the kitchen windows.
Sort and pitch more kids’ school papers from basement file cabinets.
Watch a movie while sorting.
All the usual caregiver duties.
Get drawn in by the ever-multiplying number of COVID-19 threads here.
Watch Hulu to push away anxiety after reading ^^above.
Message/tex/chat with at least one of three kids.
Bake something or make pancakes or waffles.

  • give husband a haircut
  • laundry
  • email accountant about our taxes
  • take dogs for a walk
  • probably be in touch with both kids
  • Middlemarch

We are heading to a city about 75 minutes away to get a 2nd opinion on a surgery for our dog. If we don’t change our mind we will go to a deli nearby for a late lunch and to buy a few things to bring home.

I will go to work on Sunday. Job processes have been altered to limit the number of people who will be in close contact. It will be interesting to see if we shut down entirely soon.

Tidy up house
Do some work to prepare for now-virtual board meeting on Monday
Pay bills
Do yoga or walk dog
Possibly run out for milk (S eats and drinks so much, hard to keep pantry stocked!)

Cleaning house in preparation for my D to come home from college tomorrow, sadly.

Obsessing about whether or not my mom on the opposite coast can get flipping toilet paper and seeing if I can find a suitable container to send her some homemade hand sanitizer.

Calling my Dad for his birthday tomorrow.

Getting rid of the piles of papers, bills, etc… that seem to lurk in the corners of the countertop.

Spraying weeds on my gravel driveway. They are all coming early.

Attempting to give my cat subcutaneous fluid on my own. Last attempt didn’t go well, so I’m feeling nervous of my cat, haha.

Spending too much time on Facebook looking at all the posts about…the C word.

Stay well people of CC!

I will clean the house, put away laundry, read a book. Watch lots of TV. Cook dinner and clean my car.

-take my temperature
-have very strong coffee to mitigate my sleepless night
-take temp again
-binge watch Chicago PD or Law and Order
-Have dinner
-Take temp again to make sure I’m not dying
-Drink wine
-Hopefully sleep better than night before

Work out. Go to a (very small) baby shower. Maybe take the dog for a walk if the weather holds out. Eventually figuring out when to meet up with the sister in law as my future father in law will likely end up admitted to the hospital tonight and we have her son overnight. (they are high school age boys so its lots of music, guitar playing and computer gaming).

Take dog for a walk

Eat breakfast, have coffee & catch up on CC and FB

Long run in the woods/shower

Grocery store to finish buying food for (hopefully) the week

Read my book

Proofread S19’s paper which is due in a few days


2nd dog walk

Make dinner for the family

Drive D21 to a friend’s house so they can watch a movie and make a gift for a friend whose parents won’t let her leave the house for the next three weeks because of the virus (!!)

Watching CNN special coverage - it’s really informative

Pick D21 up and head to bed…

So, didn’t exactly practice social distancing the whole day but not too bad. S19 is at a birthday “party” with just four high school friends. He swears they won’t get too close and will wash their hands like crazy

No positive virus cases in our county yet