a decision of epic porportions

I'm signing up for classes and their filling up QUICK, so I need to make my decision now...</p>

<p>I'm stuck on which biochem class to take. I'm a biology major and do have the option of taking CHEM 132 (intro biochem), basically the 'easier version' not intended for students going forward with biotech and won't add toward or a chem minor (im already not getting one). OR I can take CHEM 135, the 'harder version'. Same amount of units for both but the material in 135 is more in depth. My MAIN issues is that the professor that teaches 135 is the biggest jerk in all of the BIO and CHEM departments. An absolutely terrible teacher and an insanely hard class because no matter how hard you study and prepare, the tests are ridiculous. Average tests scores are around 30%.... Been told numerous times you don't learn anything in that class. </p>

<p>I dont want to limit myself by taking 132... but I'm tired of classes like 135 that aren't there to teach you anything; they just function to be the biggest headache of your life for a semester. I'm not sure what I plan on doing once I'm out.
any advice?</p>

<p>I would take Chem 135. This is a no-brainer unless you're absolutely terrible at learning on your own time. I've taken my share of classes with supposedly "terrible" professors who are "jerks," and it's been okay.</p>

<p>Good professors are a blessing, but you take the classes you need to take. You could learn a lot and develop great self-study skills with a bad professor, too. Most people just don't take the time to try--they just get frustrated at the professor instead.</p>

<p>well, it's not just a bad professor. I've definitely had my share of them as well. I'm more concerned with the fact that you come out of a class having not learned anything, because you can study all you want but you get absolutely no where.
I don't know... I'm pretty much in between. :/</p>

<p>Sounds like you don't need 135 and it might hurt your GPA and you wouldn't learn much in it. Why torture yourself through the class then? </p>

<p>132 seems like a no-brainer.</p>

<p>What barium said. Take the class that teaches you more, and take the class you'll enjoy more.</p>

<p>I'd go ahead with 132. It seems like you're leaning that way, and just want others to confirm it.
As you said, you're not getting a chem minor regardless, so go ahead and take 132.</p>

<p>i agree w/ those saying to take 132. if i were in your shoes, i wouldn't want to deal with a prof like the one you've described especially if i don't have to and don't believe i'll actually learn much from taking the class because of how the prof operates and teaches.</p>

<p>Bunch of wimps =)</p>