A Few Courses

<p>Hello, I just want some feedback on a few courses if that isn't too much to ask.</p>

<p>Nature of Narrative (Authors listed seem a lot more interesting to me.)
Ethics of Fiction (Class description drew me in.)
Intro to Cultural Theory (Has a great professor according to posts on FB, but that's not to say the others don't.)</p>

<p>How are the professors in these courses? How about the workload, subject matter, etc? I'm having a hard time choosing.</p>


<p>Sorry for double posting. I can't go back and edit my first post.</p>

<p>I just found out that there's a tool called Factrak that has data on these classes/professors. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to create an account and log on to see for myself. Would somebody please check and PM me any relevant information on the above classes as well as:</p>

<p>PHIL 112 - Who Are We? Philosophy and Human Nature
PHIL 115 - Personal Identity
PHIL 203 - Logic and Language ?</p>


<p>I'm an alum who majored in Phil. All the PHIL courses you mention are taught by great Professors. 203 is a must if you intend to major in Philosophy.</p>