A few graduate school questions from a biology major

<p>Hello everyone I'm new to the forums and have afew things to ask everyone else on these forums. I'm a prospective senior biology major and I intend on attending Graduate School. I start a paid internship for biomed in a few days, and will start some more serious volunteering for NOAA marine bio when thats done. From here I'll determine exactly which direction I'll take my graduate studies. I only have to go part time last semester and plan on doing significant research or maybe a tech position then.</p>

<p>About my stats. I have a 3.15 overall GPA, a 3.3 something major GPA, but a rather mediocre 2.8 science GPA due to a D+ in calculus and two Cs, one in general chem and one in physics I (i was taking too many hours during freshman and early sophmore year too handle). Due you all think I should retake Calculus my last semester? Also is it a good idea to take 6 months off, and will a lab tech position somewhere for a few months in between help me out. I plan on taking the GRE this fall.</p>

<p>Thanks for any input guys.</p>