A few questions about the application

<p>1- The EC's that I'll be participating in in 12th grade - am I allowed to add those with the midyear report? Or should I just wait until I'm confirmed to be in them and add them on the regular application?
I assume 12th grade ECs are just as important as the ones of the years before them?</p>

<p>2- My school has a quarterly schedule. First quarter finishes around Christmas. Second quarter and mid-years finish in February, with results out at the end of Feb. For my mid-year report, is that just the first quarter, or first + second quarters + mid-years [the results for the latter 2 come out at the same time]?</p>

<p>3- Am I correct in that recommendations are supposed to be printed out, given to the teacher to fill out by hand, and then mailed? If so, is MIT supposed to receive the rec. by Jan 1, or should it be sent by that date? Just making sure here.</p>

<p>4- Supplimentary recommendations [a third one, for example] - will they be considered equally with the other 2 or of slightly less importance?</p>

<p>5- There's a "add anything else you want us to know about you" box at the end of the application. Can I write whatever I want in that, and of whatever length? As a kind of extra essay, perhaps? [bit longer than 250 words though.]</p>

<p>6- I have a few quick questions about financial aid:
Will siblings' income count towards family income?
Will a sibling starting a master's degree [at the same time I'd start at MIT if I'm accepted] be considered in the financial aid package? [parents will have to pay for it.]</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>1 - I believe when I applied, I wrote (planned) next to the 12th grade ones. Take that for what you will.</p>

<p>2- MIT</a> Admissions: The Freshman Application Do you have four quarters per school year, or per calendar year? In the case of the second, MIT might count you as a trimester system. I would send in both first quarter and second quarter just to be safe.</p>

<p>3 - Yes, and it should be postmarked by that date.</p>

<p>4 - I very much doubt Admissions goes, "Oh man, this teacher portrays a totally awesome applicant -- oh wait, this is a third recommendation, nevermind." :) Just make sure that this recommendation is portraying a new side of you rather than the same-old of the first two.</p>

<p>5 - Pretty much ^.^</p>

<p>6 - I don't have a sibling (well, I do, but she's 9 years older and fiscally independent), but from my understanding, another sibling that is currently in college and fiscally dependent on your parents will be considered in your financial aid. I'm unsure about this situation since your sibling would be working towards a master's - I believe most master's programs consider you independent of your parents.</p>

<p>6 - there's a space somewhere in the financial aid application for you to note special circumstances, including parents having to pay for the education of another sibling. Financial aid will consider it, I'm 90% sure.</p>

<p>In addition, your sibling's income won't count towards your family income. The only income/financial information the FAFSA and CSS Profile ask for are your parents/guardians, and your own income. </p>

<p>The only reason your sibling's would count is if he or she is your legal guardian.</p>