A few questions about the UPenn supplement...

<p>So I know it hasn't been released yet, but they did give out the essay question:</p>

<p>Considering both the specific undergraduate school or program to which you are applying and the broader University of Pennsylvania community, what academic, research, and/or extracurricular paths do you see yourself exploring at Penn?</p>

<p>I was wondering if there's a word limit to this. Is is the usual 500 words, or is it supposed to be shorter, like 200 words? This question doesn't seem like something applicants can answer creatively, so that's why I was wondering if it was supposed to be shorter. </p>

<p>To me, it seems like all you can do is list what you plan to do at Penn, and honestly I have no idea as an undeclared major that MAY be leaning towards law school, perhaps with an English or history or economics major. I really don't know yet. So the question seems a bit uncreative and boring IMO. Any advice?</p>

I recently just completed my Penn supplement. Although you are not sure what academic paths you can see yourself pursuing, I would undoubtedly recommend you to write about the extracurricular paths and programs you can see yourself delving into at Penn. Notice how I said "write" and not "list." You DO want to be creative, but NOT as creative as you were on your personal statement. Honestly, I have written 1,200 words but that's because I went into academic, extracurricular and research paths that I was interested in at Penn.
I would recommend doing some research on Penn's website Office</a> of Student Affairs at the University of Pennsylvania and write about a few of the things UNIQUE to Penn that you're interested in.</p>

<p>I wish you the best of luck in applying! Penn 2015 ED!!!!</p>

<p>Jordan Cohen</p>