A few questions from a future applicant

<p>Hey guys, I was hoping for some answers on a few questions I had about applying to UofM-Ann Arbor</p>

<li><p>Are more than one teacher recommendations accepted/suggested?</p></li>
<li><p>When asking a teacher for a rec, do I need to provide them with a "resume" of my qualities? </p></li>

<p>-Would a core curriculum teacher's (Math, english, science, socials" rec be better foreign language teacher's rec?</p>

<p>-I don't know my counselor very well; how should I maximize my chances of receiving a good rec?</p>

<p>While I'm in this thread, what are my chances?
-3.9-4.0 GPA</p>

<p>-ACT - 30 retook it a week ago, hoping for a higher score!</p>

<p>-class rank 29/513</p>

<p>-I took 5 ap classes but scores haven't arrived yet (hoping for mostly 4s and 5s in 4 of the exams)</p>

<li>EC - Mu Alpha Theta - math honor society senior member
Go Green - Enviromental - I was influential in many reforms in my school concerning<br>
recycling, waste reduction etc.
Link Crew - a 8th grade to freshman transition program - senior member
150-200 Community service hours - tutoring, fundraising for school, relay for life</li>

<p>Essays - I have strong writing skills especially when it comes to diversity essays; i have a very diverse background that gives me alot to talk about.</p>

<p>Recs - i can get pretty good recs but i still have some questions (above)</p>

<p>hooks- none :(</p>

<p>Location: In state- chesterfield MI</p>

<p>Race - Asian - parents are asian, but i was born in Kenya.</p>

<p>gender - male </p>

<p>School type - public but i did half of my classes at a separate honors classes building</p>

<p>I hope im accepted :o Ive been in love with UofM ever since i moved to this country!</p>



<p>Yes, or they won't have anything to talk about in their letter</p>



<p>go talk to them more?</p>

<p>Your class rank and GPA are solid -- keep them that way ;). Your GC will use your rank in part on your recommendations. If you decide to send an extra recommendation, keep it to one. If you send 10 they'll be less likely to read it. My son sent two plus an arts recc and he was admitted with scholarship. So I don't think it will HURT you if you take a reasonable, non-stalking approach.
You're well within the admit range so I like your chances. Just be sure to apply as early as possible, be authentic in your essays, and be clear that they are your #1 choice.</p>

<p>From what I have read about U of M, they accept between 40-50% of applicants. For being such a great school (Ivy leauge of the midwest or someting right?) those are pretty good odds. You have an ACT that falls within the 50% range so thats good, and solid GPA. I'd say you would probably get in, but thats just me.</p>

<p>for counselor rec, I'm not sure if they actually write a recommendation letter. I think they just fill out a form.</p>