A few questions

<p>Well, I haven't actually posted on CC in a long long while, but I think it's about time I come back for a bit. I've been accepted to HC, which is great, thought I must admit, it was the last of my four top choices. But it's impossible to be last when you get a waitlist and a rejection. So, I've only got one more school to hear from (umich, in-state) but I thought it would be smart to ask questions now in case I have to make a decision.
So, I know (or at least I think I know) about the whole small, community feeling, the good academics and class sizes, etc. But what else? No, I'm not the kind of student that is vastly more concerned about the social feel on campus than the academics. But, I'm comparing HC and UofM, both of which have great academics, but are VERY different. Some of this might have been asked already, but, what's there to do?
-Anything sponsored by a campus activities board?
-I think most of us have heard the rather poor reputation Worcester has, how is it really?
-What's the food like on campus?
-And the meal plans?
-Dorm room quality?
-As is usually the case, I'm sure drinking is big, but will someone who doesn't want to drink feel left and unable to find a good time?
-I've also heard that as far as guy-girl relationships go....there aren't many relationships, just people who hook up and ignore each other during the week, what's that aspect like?
-Does HC have any connections with, say DC for poli-sci major's to get internships? I think I've heard good things in that regard.
-Is it true that you can only take four classes per semester? I know the classes are tough, but only four?? I'm taking that many college classes right now, and while I'm sure they're not the same caliber it just seems like I'll be jipped only taking 8 classes a year.
-How does study abroad work at HC?
-Does anyone have any information on the college's band program, any current musicians or parents of them? I'd love an inside perspective on the marching/pep and other bands.
-How bad is it walking around in the winter with the hill issue?
-Is the campus modern? Wireless internet on campus and in dorms, etc?
-How often (and easily) do students go to the Boston, or other major cities?
-Is there a strong, TRUE catholic feel on campus? I'm catholic and I know many "catholic" colleges are only religious in name. Others are truly catholic, for example a priest office in every dorm, etc.
-Community service seems like it's big, with the whole Jesuit ideal, what is that like? I definitely enjoy community service, so this interests me.</p>

<p>Sorry it's so much, but I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks!!</p>

<p>...oh, and does anyone think it's strange that a college's mascot (a catholic one' nonetheless) is a crusader? I don't know about you, but the crusades don't exactly present the image anyone wants to hear about haha. Just thought that was kinda funny.</p>

<p>You raised a lot of important questions and the best person to talk with would be a current student or admissions counselor. I hope one responds to you soon especially about the campus activity board and outside opportunities. I know there are many available. I'll try to answer some of your questions but a good many answers I think can be found on the HC website, HolyCross.edu. As far as my d has told me, the students don't venture out in Worcester all that often. Maybe to go to the movies, occasionally, etc. They mostly wait till the weekend and go to Boston or Providence. The food is OK, I haven't heard too many complaints and the meal plan is about to change so you'll have to wait on that. My d was in Hanselman Hall this year and had a great time. Kids are friendly, dorm well maintained. Rooms are a pretty decent size, with plenty of room for 2 girls and all of their "stuff." From what I heard there is only one dorm on campus known for it's parties. The majority of kids are not big drinkers so you would not feel left out if you didn't partake. There are other ways to have a good time. My d is friends with girls and guys alike and not just on weekends. You can't really compare HC to UMich simply because of the vast difference in size. HC only has about 2800 students, it's much more personal. There are no huge lecture halls and the sense of community is strongly fostered. I don't think you'll find that at UMich. Academics are very tough, 4 courses per semester there is enough for anyone to still have enough independent study time. Community service is very big on campus and yes there is a true Catholic feel, but they don't press it on you. It's there if you want to participate in programs like SPUD, lectoring, etc. Both are great schools academically, but you need to decide if you want small, personal attention, or if you want to be a number in a crowd. That's what it comes down to.
Good Luck</p>

<p>Hey, thanks rxmom, I really appreciate that. I will definitely be asking HC on their website pretty soon, there's an online chat tonight I believe, which I just remembered.
A follow-up question or two if you don't mind.
You said your d roomed in Hanselman Hall, am I correct in remembering that that's the dorm for FYP students? If so, I'd really like to hear your perspective on that. Some people I've talked to have said it's a really really great program with amazing people, while others have said it's not much and the people that do it are looked in a poor light.
Yes, I must say the size of the college and the community that I'm beginning to hear about are the biggest aspects that uofm doesn't have. </p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>

Yes, Hanselman Hall houses the freshman FYP program. It's a great program. It really helps students acclimate to college life and gives them an immediate "group" to associate with. I think that's probably one of the biggest reasons for choosing to be in the program. Over 100 of them just spent the weekend in NYC visiting Ground Zero, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty. They had a great time. Since many different disciplines teach the program from different angles, you can use the FYP to complete a core requirement in a subject you love, or take it to get through a core requirement you don't love. Either way knowing my d's experience I would definitely recommend it.</p>