A-G matching on extra course reduces calculated GPA

For California State University Application, if I put the A-G category for an additional Summer course, the Calculated GPA decreases slightly. Should I leave it blank?

The more courses you add, the more it dilutes the impact of the honors/IB/AP classes. @Gumbymom would know for sure, but I don’t think you can simply not report a course.

The more A-G classes you take it will dilute your CSU GPA.

The college will account for that and will want to see the summer class…

So YES put in the A-G designation.

If it is listed on your transcript, you need to include it on the application.

I can’t find the exact CSU verbiage but the UC website on filling out an application states:

Make sure you refer to your transcripts (or academic records) as you fill out any information — don’t enter information from your memory. It’s important to report all of your schools, courses and grades exactly as they would appear on official transcripts or academic records.

I believe the OP is not saying he wouldn’t report the class.

There is a section on the CSU app where you have to designate A-G after you report the class. There is an option to leave it blank. As said above they will take that into consideration so yes, do fill in the designation.

From the CSU application guide:

** Important notes about reporting high school coursework.
You will report all A-G courses, including courses in addition to those used to satisfy subject requirements**

As stated above, you must report all a-g courses that are listed on your transcript. If discrepancies are found after being admitted, it could result in your acceptance being rescinded.

To be competitive, the CSU’s expect applicants to exceed the minimum a-g course requirements. Yes, the more a-g courses taken will dilute the capped weighted CSU GPA however additional courses will be noted towards your academic rigor.

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Thanks all, will add the A-G designation field as well, and take the small hit on the calculated GPA.

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