A-G Matching


I recently got into CSU Fullerton and am highly considering attending. In the A-G matching of the CSU application I forgot count in one of my math classes. So instead of 5 years of math (summer school for geometry so I don’t have to take it over a year) I put in 4 years. Do you think there will be any problems when I submit my transcript?

Keep in mind that I already contacted CSUF in December to remind them of my mistake. They said that after application is submitted no change can be made.

As long as you have confirmation from CSUF that they acknowledged the omission, you should be fine.

@gumbymom I only have their email that says

"Thank you for your email. Once your application is submitted through the Cal State Apply website, no changes can be made.

If it is biographical information that needs to be corrected such as spelling of first or last name, social security number correction, or date of birth – you will need to make these corrections in person at the Admissions and Records Service Center LH 114 which is open from Monday – Friday 8-5pm. Please bring official documentation with correct name/SSN/date of birth, etc. to include with the form."

Is that sufficient enough?

I would contact admissions again and make sure they acknowledge there was a transcript omission and that the email specifically states that they are aware of the missing Math course. This is just a form letter with no mention of your specific situation.