A-G requirements: Language other than English on UC App

I took Mandarin all throughout middle school. When I went into high school, my school didn’t offer Mandarin so I had to take Spanish. I’ve taken Spanish from 9th-11th grade.
So when I record that I learned Mandarin in 7th/8th grade, what course category would it be (Yr 1, 2, 3, or 4+ Lang other than English)? And for when I record Spanish for the high school grades, do I start off from Yr 1 or select Yr 4+?
Because technically I have taken 4+ years of languages other than English from 7th to 11th grade, but they’re different languages so I don’t know if they want me to record the number of years I learned each language or other languages other than English in general.
And if I can combine both languages to make it 4+ years, then do I put years after 4+ (11th grade Spanish) as under the Subject G? Since Subject G is for extra years of any of the other subject areas?

The exact wording is:

Was the Mandarin that you took in junior high considered a high school level course?


I’m not sure about whether it is a high school level course. But last year when I was a junior, my high school replaced Latin with Mandarin, so now Mandarin is taught in my high school. I just didn’t transfer to Mandarin because I had one more required year of foreign language (Spanish) left.

I would report your Mandarin under 7th/8th grade as Level 2 (2 years) and report your Spanish for 9-11th as 3 years. You are allowed to report more than 1 Language.

LOTE 1 = beginner course
LOTE 2 = high school second year course
LOTE 3 = high school third year course
LOTE 4+ = high school fourth or higher year course

Community college courses may be designated as such for approximate equivalency to high school courses.

Look up your high school at https://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist to see what each course is designated as and mark it appropriately.

@ucbalumnus: The OP is an out of state applicant so the a-g course link will not be applicable.

In that case, if the languages were taken starting at the beginner course:

7th grade: Mandarin 1 = LOTE 1
8th grade: Mandarin 2 = LOTE 2 (if the high school accepts it as equivalent to its Mandarin 2 course)
9th grade: Spanish 1 = LOTE 1
10th grade: Spanish 2 = LOTE 2
11th grade: Spanish 3 = LOTE 3

If you started in a level higher than the beginner course in the language (due to prior knowledge, e.g. as a heritage speaker), you would use the appropriate designation for the level of each course.

Very often, though, 7th grade + 8th grade = LOTE 1 and if continuing in 9th grade, would be placed into Mandarin 2. But we do not know the OP’s curriculum.

@skieurope @ucbalumnus @Gumbymom so should I just not include my mandarin class for 7th/8th grade and make my first year of Spanish in high school as Year 1 of LOTE, to avoid confusion?
Or should I do:
7th grade: Mandarin 1 = LOTE 1
8th grade: Mandarin 2 = LOTE 2
9th grade: Spanish 1 = LOTE 1
10th grade: Spanish 2 = LOTE 2
11th grade: Spanish 3 = LOTE 3
I have no idea if my high school would take my mandarin class from junior high as equivalent to their own because I went from a private education to a public education so the course recordings on transcript vary alot.
Suggested earlier - to put my mandarin class in junior high as LOTE 1 and 2 and Spanish in high school as LOTE 3/4+z But I thought only the same single language would work to do that?

The UC minimum is 2 years of the same foreign language and 3 years recommended. Having 3 years of Spanish in HS meets their recommended level so listing the Mandarin for 7th/8th would make little difference. I would still listed the Mandarin as above ^^^ if you want. There should be no confusion.

This would be the most correct thing to put.

If you believe that your middle school Mandarin 1 + 2 = high school Mandarin 1, you could both middle school courses as LOTE 1.

Don’t do this. The level of the course is what you should put. Spanish 1 = LOTE 1 … Spanish 3 = LOTE 3.

@istudent2021: I should have clarified.

For Spanish list them as Spanish 1-3 (Levels 1-3)

If you want to list Mandarin for Middle school, I would list it as Level 1 and 2 unless you know for sure that the 2 years is equivalent to 1 year of HS Mandarin.