A GAME to make the waiting go faster :)

<p>I thought since we have some time until priority decisions come out that we could play a game and get to know each other/pass the time! </p>

<p>I will start:</p>

<p>Location: California
Intended Major: LEP Biochemistry
Hobbies/Sports: Lacrosse, Soccer, Coaching sports
Fun Fact: I can speak 2 languages besides english!</p>

<p>This should be fun</p>

<p>Location: New York
Major: Kinesiology
Hobbies/sports: field hockey, assistant athletic trainer at my high school, physical therapy aide
Fun fact: I have two jobs associated with my major (above) and I live right outside new York city :)</p>

<p>Location: Virginia
Intended Major: Business @ Smith
Hobbies/Sports: Basketball, lacrosse
Fun Fact: i lived in France for a year!</p>

<p>location: maryland
intended major: biology
Hobbies/sports: badminton, soccer
fun fact: i live on hotpockets</p>

<p>Location: New Jersey
Intended Major: Government and Politics
Hobbies/Sports: Swimming, basketball, and Politics
Fun Fact: I am a Democrat.</p>

<p>Location: Pennsylvania
Intended Major: LEP Criminology and Criminal Justice / Arabic
Hobbies/Sports: working, reading, hanging out with friends, volunteering..have played 5 sports
Fun Fact: I can watch crime shows (NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds) and tell you the title, season, synopsis and facts about that episode's crime for 90% of the episodes :) (I watch crime shows wayy too much! lol)</p>

<p>Location: New York
Intended Major: Environmental Science and Technology- Environmental Health
Hobbies/Sports: Field Hockey, Tumbling ;)
Fun Fact: I'm an IB Diploma Candidate? (Couldn't think of anything else!)</p>

<p>Location: New Jersey
Intended Major: Journalism (might see if I can double major it with possibly Spanish)
Hobbies/Sports: writing, hanging out with friends, used to swim for my high school....typical teenage stuff lol
Fun Fact: I was born with club feet </p>

<p>GO TERPS</p>

<p>Location: Maryland
Intended major: Electrical Engineer
Hobbies/Sports: Football
Fun fact: I like to urinate on the sides of toilets so it makes less noise.</p>

<p>Location: New York
Intended Major: Undecided
Hobbies/Sports: Singing, writing, used to run track
Fun fact: I love trying new things</p>

<p>Location: Pennsylvania
Intended Major: International Business or Finance
Hobbies: Basketball, Football, Listening to music
Fun fact: My sister is an Eagles' cheerleader</p>

<p>Location: Maryland
Intended Major: Anthropology (with a minor in Music).
Hobbies/Sports: Playing guitar, singing, painting/drawing, soccer.
Fun Fact: I'm self-taught on guitar, though I haven't gotten very far in the past 4 years...</p>

<p>Location: Maryland
Intended Major: Mathematics/Education
Hobbies/Sports: Cross country, Badminton, math, video gaming, French Horn
Fun Fact: It took me a year and a half to get three stars in Mario Kart Wii, and it took me three days to get three stars in Mario Kart 7. XD</p>

<p>Location: Maryland
Intended major: Electrical Engineer
Hobbies/Sports: Baseball
Fun fact: I got a 2.98 for my senior semester gpa, but still kept a 3.82 cumulative...yeah im screwed.</p>

<p>Location: Pennsylvania
Major: Economics
Sports/Hobbies: Golf, Tennis, Skiing, Traveling
Fun Fact: One day i will marry megan fox.</p>

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<p>Location: Rhode Island
Major: LEP Bioengineering
Sports/Hobbies: Field hockey, softball, photography, cooking, wakeboarding, water skiing, traveling, reading.
Fun Fact: I spend every summer on a lake in Maine :)</p>

<p>Location: Florida
Major: Finance
Sports/Hobbies: Frisbee, Jet skiing, marching band, Xbox
Fun Fact: I was an exchange student in Germany</p>

<p>Location: New Jersey
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Sports/Hobbies: Lacrosse, Basketball, Skiing (learning), Guitar
Fun Fact: I love making video productions and self-taught on guitar</p>

<p>Location: Maryland
Major: Applied under biological sciences though im undecided<br>
Sports/Hobbies: haha sports haha though i do enjoy the occasional game of badminton
Fun Fact: I wear a childrens size two shoe</p>

<p>Location: Thailand
Major: Journalism
Sports/Hobbies: travel writing reading and watching everything related to Korea
Fun Fact: I love everything about Korea so much but want to study in US.</p>