A General Question on Rankings!

<p>So suppose my school does not rank in my class on 1050 students. I know I am in top 10% with my rising (this year, hopefully) 3.6 GPA. Will school's care that much if I can't give them an exact rank? Will it hurt or be nonsense?</p>

<p>consider this: more than 40% of Columbia's Class of 2008 come from high school that do not rank.</p>

<p>A lot of schools do not rank. My Daughter went to one of them. However, some GC's will ranl confidentially to the college for admissions purposes. Speak with your GC because this willnot be the first time that they have encountered this question</p>

<p>What if we just don't fill in that part on the application...would that really hurt or would colleges think nothing of it?</p>