A great place!

<p>I know Saint Mary's is a small, women's college so I know this board is pretty quiet but I have to comment on what my daughter is experiencing at the moment. The first time she visited Saint Mary's she was never intending to go to a women's college. During that visit she completely changed her mind and knew that Saint Mary's was the place for her. That was sophomore year of h.s. She's visited many other schools since then and has found other great schools, but none that matched that feeling she had at Saint Mary's. She's applying this fall to Saint Mary's and 6 other schools. Saint Mary's is her first choice, but she hates having to defend this choice to others. They tell her that a woman's college is not the "true college experience", or that she's too smart for the school, or that everyone there just wishes they were at Notre Dame. She is an excellent student with a very high GPA and ACT of 33. She would be a competitive applicant at Notre Dame but she knows she prefers the small class sizes and close relationships with her professors that is more likely at a small college. I hope she follows her heart and chooses this outstanding college rather than get swayed by her peers and their opinions. To anyone else out there considering this college, I really believe in my heart that you can't find a better place. I base that opinion on countless college visits in the last 3 years!</p>

<p>My daughter fell in love with SMC on her own, despite the fact that I am a grad. She applied ED this year and is so excited to be out there next year. She, too, is above their middle 50% profile academically, and has the ability to go other places. However, the SMC/ND community allows her so many more options. And while I appreciate that ND is very special, they do not offer certain majors that SMC does, so the notion that everyone just wants to be at ND is untrue. </p>

<p>At SMC you can get a fantasitc education in a nuturing atmosphere, and also take advantage of offerings at a larger institution. It truly is the best of both worlds.</p>