A hook for MIT? (I´m mexican)

<p>These are my list of possible hooks. Tell me what you think about them. A couple of them are not necessarily real but quite probable.</p>

<p>1.- 3rd place national math olympiad
2.- State finalist Informatics olympiad
3.- Started my own business, Dankorp Software. (<a href="http://www.dankorp.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.dankorp.com&lt;/a&gt;)
4.- School was 1rst on the country on CENEVAL (Mexican SAT), and I'm was second highest on that exam (9.8). None from my school has been admitted to MIT.
(probable) National Champion Informatics
(probable) State champion math</p>

<p>Anecdotal cases about two Mexicans from my school (in DF) who applied last year:</p>

<li>- One of them got second place on the national math olympiad; he was rejected.</li>
<li>- The other one had something like that; he was also rejected.</li>

<p>But these are just individual cases, and these two people didn't have these hooks in conjunction (though they had others), so overall, I couldn't tell. What you've got looks really nice. Good luck!</p>

<p>If you are interested in the geographic distribution of students, in terms of US states and other countries, you might look at the chart for this year. There are currently 3 undergraduates and 49 graduate students from Mexico at MIT.</p>

<p>International admissions is extremely competitive; "hooks" aren't really relevant in that context: you'll be evaulated as an individual, among other stellar international applicants. Good luck!</p>

<p>well cant really comment...Judging from the variety of students MIT takes from all places every year..I dont think there really is a hook that can get anyone in..Its always the total package which matters.</p>

<p>"MEXICO FTW!!!1" - Che Guevara</p>

<p>Well, then I'll just have to submit my app and hope for the best. What do you think will be the choosing factor when it comes to narrowing down choices? The essay? The Awards? The ECs?</p>

<p>How much did your business make?</p>

<p>dude business<em>spanks are you business</em>freak? lol, your username is extremely similar</p>

<p>Insofar, 500 USD, but it's relatively new.</p>

<p>Any BUlgarians rejected with national math awards?</p>

<p>MIT does not publish lists of who was accepted/rejected and what their qualifications were, so probably no one can answer that question for you, martinibluex. Moreover, even if someone with those qualifications were to be found, the applicant would not be exactly like someone else with those qualifications, so extrapolating from one applicant's experience to another's would be questionable at best. Hope for the best!</p>

Insofar, 500 USD, but it's relatively new.


<p>The business seems promising, but how are you gonna make it stand out in your resume?</p>

<p>As work experience. And by focusing my essay on such and endeavor.</p>