A job at the Big 4

<p>I'm an Econ major going into my last year of school. I've gotten more interested in Accounting as I do my internship in Accounting this summer. I'm interested in working at the Big 4 out of school, but obviously I'm not an Accounting major so I was wondering if I would have a chance on being accepted to work there? I'm looking for the most direct route to becoming a CPA after I graduate, but would like to start working after graduation. Also I know that Big 4 will pay for your Masters (at least some of the people I talked to had it paid for), and obviously I would like that. </p>

<p>Any advice is appreciated.</p>

<p>some of the big 4 firms that recruit at my school (deloitte, e&y) don't take econ majors (though they should!), only business administration w/ a concentration in accounting, or possibly finance... you could always demonstrate your experience with accounting through your internship perhaps?</p>