A Junior Thinking about College

<p>I've been thinking about college since summer, but i've been looking at some of the ppl's stats and their SAT scores are really big and their GPA is over a 4.0... can anyone tell me what school i can get into with a 3.6 hopefully a 3.8 by end of Junior year. havent really taken SATs yet so i cant say anything about that but i have taken the SAT IIs. A 690 IIC and a 660 Chem... it looks bad compared to everyone else in this forum. Im in 4 clubs, CSF, Key Club (secretary), Mu Alpha Theta, and American Cancer Society. I was a State Champion for my Tae Kwon Do but i dunno if that would really help unless i get like Nationally ranked or something. And... If there is supposed to be more than that then you guys can tell me.</p>

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