A kinda specific dance question

<p>Does anyone know if Brown has any capoeira or butoh classes/organizations/clubs or anything?</p>


<p>Sorry, I'll bump it, but personally I don't know. I know if you got a few people interested, and knew how, you could pretty easily start one. It appears that there used to be a capoeira group on campus: Providence</a> Capoeira but I don't know if it's still current.</p>

<p>I know someone who was involved recently.</p>


<p>I'm not a member, but Capoeira exists and is active. </p>

<p>They have lessons/practice a few times a week on campus. I can't remember how much their membership fee is, but it includes the on-campus class as well as weekly class at the instructor's place. They do rodas at events every now and then, both at Brown and other places around Providence. At the beginning of the year they have a few trial/free classes; I went to one and they seem like a pretty cool group.</p>

<p>awesome! thanks that's really helpful</p>

<p>i know there is big capoeira club</p>