A Liberal Arts Education at MIT?

Okay, this may seem odd, but I like everything I’ve read and researched about with the Massachussetts Institute of Technology. The only thing is, no way would I be pursuing a math/science major. My interests lie in the humanities and computer graphics design, and I was wondering if attending MIT for these things was even a feasible option.

So, what is the humanities department at MIT like? Is it respected? Anyone know its selectivity compared to the institute overall?

Just about any information would be helpful. Thanks.

<p>meh, there are better schools for humanitites</p>

<p>That would be really stupid.</p>

<p>their humanities program is just as good as their science/math departments...</p>

<p>however almost no one goes to MIT looking for a humanities major. so i wouldn't look into it just to go into humanities, unless you wanted to have all the math/science core requirements</p>

<p>but as vancat said...there's better options out there if you're looking for an LAC type environment (MIT definitly isn't LAC-ish at all)</p>

<p>Oh... I didn't realize I was still going to be bound to complete all the math and science requirements. Thanks very much for the information, techiedork.</p>