A little confused about Financial aid!

<p>I got accepted to Knox College and they also gave me grants and scholarships which total a little over 23K, which I think is a really good aid. But I'm still confused how the whole process works. In the acceptance letter, they explained that if I got a Knox grant or scholarship awards (which I did), 1/3 of the award will be applied to my bill each term. So, since Knox College has a trimester system, I have to pay every term? I calculated the amount I would have to pay each term and it was $8000. So...I would have to pay that amount each term, right? Like right away?</p>

<p>I am not sure if I understood it correctly. I really want to attend Knox because A LOT of students said that they love the school and that the professors and the academics are amazing. But I'm not sure how I'm going to convince my dad that this financial award is pretty good. As a Korean dad, he doesn't seem to appreciate it when colleges are not very known, which could hurt me if I end up working in Korea. So, yeah. Maybe you guys could give me some convincing facts that it is a good school.</p>

<p>So, my main question is, did I understand the financial process correctly? And is this financial award actually as good as I think it is? It would be really helpful if someone could explain the financial aid process thoroughly to me!</p>

<p>Thank youuuuu!</p>

<p>buuuuuuuuuump bump bump</p>

<p>If you don’t understand the package call the school and ask, they will be happy to explain it more clearly and answer any questions you might have. Remember, you have been accepted so they want to convince you it’s the right place for you.</p>