a little confused about UCLA transferring

<p>Hello so i attend a community college and i am planning on transferring to UCLA but then i have been looking around in the forum but no one has gave an absolute answer to non transferable classes. ok so lets say i am taking an english class that is not transferable to a UC and i want to attend UCLA so lets say i got a B in that class would it be counted in my gpa calculations when UCLA will receive my transcripts ???</p>

<p>No. Non-transferable grades will not be part of the GPA the UCs calculate to determine your admission.</p>

<p>^ exactly right</p>

<p>oh well thank you ! and do you by any chance know what is a good GPA TO HAVE ?</p>

<p>^ that's a very broad question with no definite answer</p>

<p>it depends on a lot of variables such as your major, but a common answer is anything over 3.5; however, the standard is going up each year - not even 4.0's are safe.</p>