A little confused about which scores should be sent...

<p>Hi everyone. :) I'm sorry if I'm just missing this or something, but I've been digging around to try and find out what UF actually requires to be sent.</p>

<p>In my case, I want to just send ACT scores if I can, but do they require all scores to be sent for the ACT? Could I just send my one best composite test? Do they want all scores period (including all SATs)? Should AP scores be sent too? </p>

<p>Sorry for all of the questions, I hope I can get some help here.</p>

<p>When you send the ACT scores, it's not like College Board which sends all the scores, with ACT they only send the scores for that specific test date, so if you want to send the scores of all your tests then you have to pay for each report individually. For UF, it doesn't matter if they receive SAT or ACT alone, however, if you send only one test type scores, you have less probabilities to get accepted. Why? Because with both tests they can analyze your application more in-depth. AP scores should be sent but they won't be a great admission factor, unless you have like a lot and good AP tests: AP Chem, AP BIO, AP Calc, etc, however they say that they don't take that as a factor. My suggestion is to send all the ACT/SAT-AP scores so they can compare scores, mix sections (only with SAT) and at the end get the best composite with SAT. Although with the ACT is not possible to mix sub-scores they still look at each section and if they see improvement it will be good, an improvement that added to other positive admission factors can give you the acceptance. good luck!</p>

<p>Ahhh, I see, thank you! I actually don't want to send SAT scores at all, they're horrendous compared to my ACT ones where even the lowest is higher converted than the superscore of my SATs, so I thought it might've been a waste of money to send those if I wasn't required to. My school doesn't offer any science APs, but I will have 5 APs down by graduation, so I guess as long as they're not horrible they're not going to really impact me all that much.</p>

<p>Thank you for your advice! :)</p>