A little confused....

<p>I am wondering why I got accepted to the #2 ranked best value school (UF) in the nation for only SUMMER B, when the #1 school (UNC-CH) accepted me for fall? Why does UF think I am not worthy of starting in the fall?</p>

<p>btw... 30 on the act, 5.6 GPA, top 10% of my class and In-State for Florida and Out of State for UNC</p>

<p>admissions is a subjective process, there's no formula for deciding who gets what (accepted, rejected, summer, fall, waitlisted, etc.)</p>

<p>I got into UF for fall 2012, but it's not just your GPA and your rank. It's the classes that you took and the grades you got in them, your SAT/ACT scores, your essay, your extracurriculars, and your hooks.</p>

<p>There's so many factors that go into an admission officer's consideration. Maybe you were more competetive in the UNC pool than in the UF pool. Maybe whoever reviewed your UNC app liked your app a bit better than the UF admissions officer who reviewed your app did. </p>

<p>Who knows?
I'm a figure skater, I wrote about figure skating in my essay. If someone who was a figure skater or was connected to figure skating in some way was the one reviewing my app, wouldn't I be more favorable to them? What if someone who didn't think much of figure skating was reviewing my app?</p>

<p>Stats are important, as in you need to have them to be a competitive applicant, but stats alone are not enough anymore. A majority of the people applying to UF have great stats so thats when the admissions process becomes subjective.</p>

<p>Anyways UNC is great school, you should be very proud of yourself. I didn't apply there, but I had considered applying.</p>

<p>Yeah theres really no way to know specifically. But don't be too insulted by it. You still take classes in the fall and spring. The only difference is you get to take a couple classes in the first summer. Its florida law now that you have to take 9 credits over the summer so you might as well take them now. Also, Summer B can be a good thing for freshmen bc when everyone comes in the fall you will know your way around the campus while other freshmen are bumbling about. So if you want to go to to uf dont let this offend you. Come fall you are no different then someone who starts in the fall.</p>

<p>also just curious whats your UF GPA</p>

<p>The UF decision is based solely off Rank , or at least it is at my school. I have had more then 7 leadership positions all through high school. swim team as well as countless club memberships with prestige in all of them. I had 6 people review my essay all whom saw flaws but once corrected thought it was perfect. i was top 8% in my class and i feel robbed of a spot because i know my 1850 on the SAT (1310) was higher then half the kids that got rejected. I will be appealing the decision and hopefully this will get overturned.</p>

<p>@NLNY623 If I could, I would give up my spot to you. My acceptance letter was worded in a way that made me feel like UF wanted me to know they were doing me a favor by admitting me into their school.</p>

<p>what was the wording?</p>

<p>Something like: based on the number of highly qualified applicants, it would be impossible to admit you for the term of your preference. Then it went on with a really long list of all the wonderful things about UF, no other college I was accepted to felt the need to brag about themselves in acceptance letters.</p>

<p>really? thats what all colleges do, in whatever way they can squeeze it in. its just marketing</p>

<p>For what it's worth, my first semester was summer B and it was the best semester I've had in my 3 years of college</p>

<p>Maybe its because the population of the state of Florida is 2x that of NC ... and competition is just that much more fierce for in-state spots at UF.</p>

<p>Maybe its because UNC is fishing for dollars ... perhaps relaxing its standards for OOS students to counteract state budget cuts.</p>

<p>Maybe its because you listed an over-enrolled major on your UF application.</p>

<p>In any case, get over yourself ... if you go through life "confused" over non-sense like this you won't do well in the real-world.</p>

<p>Atleast you got in. I don't understand what you're expecting us to say? "yes you'er such an intelligent student you deserve to be admitted for fall".</p>

<p>You were accepted. Appreciate that. A lot of people were devestated over rejections from UF and you're complaining over the term you were accepted? Maybe you could complain if you were accepted to UNC and rejected from UF, but it's ridiculous to even be complaining about the term. Grow up.</p>

<p>@collegemn Lmao thanks a lot man. I just felt robbed because this girl got in with and SAT score of 990 but she was 20 ranks a head of me... I honestly dont think they take anything else but rank into the consideration .</p>

<p>Because SAT scores and rank is all they care about right?</p>

<p>Ever thought her essays, extracurriculars, volunteer hours, letters of rec, leadership positions were better than yours? It's more than just a numbers game.</p>

<p>OP- you're being a bit whiney and ungrateful.
Who cares if they put you into Summer B. They still accepted you and you get a head start. It's not the end of the world. Life isn't always going to work out exactly as you expect it to. You need to get used to that. </p>

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<p>Yeah i know for a fact i have had more leadership positions done more for the school. I wouldnt know how to compare our essays if i didnt read hers but i had mine review 6 times before sent in. It is a game of numbers and i dont think its right that i wouldnt be considered over that person based off of her rank to mine. But i digress, i will appeal if i dont get in and cant stand UCF i will transfer. No biggie</p>

<p>For...Collegemn in the first post......Are you serious? Why would you waste your time worrying about the summer B admission from UF when you were accepted at UNC-C???? There is no comparison between schools. UNC-C ranked 29th and UF at 58 and I would guess may continue to see drops in the rankings over the next few years. Have you been to UNC-C? It's beautiful and in a different league from the University of Florida. Now..UF is a fine school BUT not a UNC-Chapel Hill! </p>

<p>I wouldn't give it a second thought. Pack your bags and plan for a much brighter future with far more future graduate school options with a UNC-C degree! You should be celebrating this decision. If I were you I'd really think hard between your choices and count your blessings you have a choice!!!!</p>