A Little Exchange

<p>My Sat I is just days away. So can anybody please help me by giving me a pdf copy of the following book:
Test Masters - Complete Solutions to the College Board's Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT</p>

<p>In return for the book, i can trade with you any QAS from 2005-2010. I also have both versions of the DH books. I am scoring 2100s and really aiming for 2200+. I believe that the explanations in the book can help me in getting my target score. So, if anyone has the book, just pm me.</p>

<p>N.B. If this goes against the rules of CC, then i am sorry. I had to do this because my SAT I is so near.</p>

<p>Why can't you just go on collegeboard.com for the explanations? I have testmasters and I prefer the online explanations.</p>

<p>I have already collected all the collegeboard explanations as an msword file like a year ago. Doesnt look like you can help me bro.</p>

<p>I'm suggesting that you just use the Collegeboard explanations bro. In my opinion, the Testmasters book has far less insightful explanations than the CB explanations. CB does it much better trust me. Just go to the book owners area on their website.</p>