A little help on the reading.

<p>So here's the issue:</p>

<p>I was taking the reading section of the ACT, and I firstly ran 3 minutes over the time limit before I finished. Secondly, I did really well on the first passage, but worse on the rest. I am assuming it was because of time constraints. Therefore, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do the reading section so that you can maximize time and minimize error? Help much appreciated, as I am new to the whole ACT test.</p>

<p>Reading used to be my worst section as well, but now I have finally gotten it in the same range as my other scores. Generally I read the entire passage really quickly and then go straight to the questions. When I was initially having trouble with this section, I pm'd someone I knew had gotten a 36 on the reading section several times, and this was his response</p>

<p>"To answer your question, it's really hard for me to say. I know that I only have 8 minutes per passage so I make sure to monitor my watch so that I can adhere to that time limit. Also, I skim through the passages; I read every sentence but just very quickly. Then, I move onto the questions. They either are blatantly obvious, or it is pretty easy to pinpoint which paragraph pertained to that particular question. I wish I were able to reveal some shocking, hidden secret about the reading passage that would quell all of your fears, but, alas, it is either a honed skill or a test of good genes."</p>