A little help, please

<p>Well, some of you may remember me from a while back. I go to high school in Western MD. Throughout my whole junior year, I was dedicated to getting into an academy, either Naval or Air Force. Then, when summer came, I let my parents talk me into going the civilian route. I gave up on the whole nomination/application process completely. I played football this fall for my high school. It was my second year of playing, for I had played ice hockey competitively for 4 years prior to that. I play QB and Safety. We run a offense very similar to both Air Force and Navy. I led the team in rushing with approx 850 yds. and 13 TD and also threw for 9 TD (3 int). On defense, I tied the school's interception record with 8. I will probably get first-team all-area honors for either QB or FS. I have been honored twice as student-athlete of the month, once for the local newspaper and once for a local TV station. This past spring(my junior year), my baseball team won the state championship. I started at shortstop, and led the team in batting avg., on base pct., and runs scored. I received first-team all-league honors.</p>

<p>This past week, one of my football coaches came to me telling me he had received emails from Air Force and Navy coaches about me playing QB. </p>

<p>I am just wondering what routes are left for me to get an appointment. I've heard of superintendent nominations, etc. Does anyone know anything that could help me out?</p>

<p>My Academic Stats:
SAT: 1420 (750 Math + 670 CR) + 680 W = 2100
GPA (unweighted) = 4.0
Rank (with weights) = 17/139 (as of junior year, probably go up at semester)</p>

Student Council President
National Honor Society Member
Hi-Y member

<p>Thanks in advance for any input.</p>

<p>Welcome back quarterstop! Where ya been?</p>

<p>I would suggest contacting several people, starting with your BGO. Then call the football coaches at USNA. </p>

<p>Then speak to your parents. Take them there- it sounds like you live close enough.</p>

<p>Then decide if you want USNA enough that you would go there even without the offer of football, enough that you are willing to serve in the Navy as a commissioned officer.</p>

<p>Then go for it- you never know.</p>


<p>If you really want to come to USNA then you need to start talking to the coaches. Get recruited and they can hook you up with a nomination from the Supe. If you want to come and the football coaches want you, then you might get a nomination, but talk to the coaches soon!</p>

<p>I am taking my CFA on friday and i am realy nervous. can thoshe of you who recived LOA's or early Appointmens tell me some of the numbers you got on the test. thank you</p>

<p>GoNavyBeatA: it really doesn't matter how others scored- just do the very best you are capable of doing- the max results are posted on the USNA website- just type in CFA under the search key- practice before you take the test, then do the best you can do.</p>