A little positivity, please?

hey guys,
so I was rejected from almost all of my top choice schools and waitlisted(quite miraculously) at one.
I have gotten into UCSD with an undeclared major so I think there is a high probability I will go there.
Anyway, I felt really sad after so many rejections and this is making me feel that UCSD is not a good school and I won’t like going there.

So that’s my current situation.

UCSD is a great school, and San Diego has the best climate in the continental US.

You should be positive about attending a school that many many other students would love to attend. I can tell you that after being out of school many years, and having members of my family attend a wide variety of schools, ranging from HYP type schools, to fine public schools like UCSD, to smaller specialty colleges, there is NO, I repeat NO correlation between school attended and happiness or success. It is clear that my relatives who never made it through college are less happy overall. But, if I were to “rank” my relatives from multiple generations by undergraduate school, some of the “lowest” ranked undergraduates have led to the most success and some of the “Higher” ranked ones are just drifting. Now, by and large, all my relatives, including me, loved their school and are loyal, but that is product of fit and not the rank. Head high and be happy.

I graduated from UCSD back in 1988 and LOVED my time there - I know it’s an even better school now than it was when I went there. Congrats on your acceptance!

Congratulations! San Diego is a beautiful town. Bloom where you are planted. My older son did not get into his first choice. I think where he ended up was in fact a better place for him, and he’s in his dream job now.

Oh please.

Denials sting. This is hard for you and that’s understandable. None of us like hearing no, even those of us who are much older and who’ve been through many more ups and downs in life. It’s natural to feel sad and you should allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.

And then be happy! UCSD is a terrific school and if you read through some threads you’ll see accomplished kids thrilled to be going or sad that they won’t get the chance. San Diego is a beautiful place and the climate is as close to perfect as it gets. I bet you’ll get excited once you make the decision to attend. Congratulations!

thank you all for the positivity, i was probably really sad due the fact that i got rejected from a school i thought i would get in. ill channel all this into trying to convert one of my 3 waitlists(UWash, UCLA, UMich) Fingers crossed!

We currently have a dozen UCSD students staying with us for an alternative spring break program. They all are delightful and have nothing but enthusiastic positive things to say about their school… and about their weather!

@akcha1801 UCSD is an great school with a fantastic location. My next door neighbor got accepted to USC and denied at UCSD. Be happy, you got sooo lucky! You will love it.

UCSD: ~100,000 applications for 6,000 spots; 87% graduation rate; diversity - 36%asian/20%white/19%foreign/17%Hispanic. San Diego is a nice city, but getting very crowded, like LA. I have been living there for 20years now. Most people probably will not share this opinion, but constant sun is pretty boring. I will be moving to NC, VA or CO in a few years, to enjoy my retirement in an area where the seasons are actually meaningful, and it rains periodically.

I can’t help but feel frustrated by these types of posts!! My S who has a 4.6 GPA and 33 ACT didn’t get in to ANY of the in-state California schools, including 5 UCs that he applied to!! So please if you really aren’t excited about going to UCSD please choose to go elsewhere so you can free up a much deserved spot for my son or someone else who also got waitlisted:)

@Dstepler, OP has until May 1st to make a decision. They have to make the one that’s appropriate for them and their family. Sometimes, that means accepting a school they aren’t excited about. It’s not their job to take the needs of other families into consideration. Even if OP turns them down it doesn’t mean someone from the WL will get in. Colleges account for a certain number of rejected offers. I hope your son has some affordable acceptances.

“I don’t want to attend any university that would accept me as one of its students."

“Well, if they accept me off the waitlist, that would be OK – but otherwise it just shows they don’t have high standards.”

This is a very “Groucho Marx” view of things!