a lot of accepted people

<p>It seems that a lot of people got accepted to SB compared to many of the other UC's... Was it like this last year??</p>

<p>i got rejected, so maybe your just talking to the right people.</p>

<p>when i applied in high school, im in community college now, they originally rejected me. and then into my first semester in community college they told me i was accepted and could register for next quarter. i only had a 3.2 gpa and my SAT's are embarassing but ACT was 24.</p>

<p>OOPS* thats for UCI though... i forgot i changed forums.</p>

<p>I went to the High achieving applicant convention UCSB had a week ago and they told us they admitted around 3,700+ applicants out of 47,000. I admit almost 4k is a lot of people, but out of 47k that really is not a lot.</p>

<p>They actually admit about 20,000 applicants (i think?), but only around 4k actually enroll.</p>