A lot of questions for VCU Students!

<p>I am a High School Senior who recently got accepted into VCU. VCU isn't my only choice. I might go there since its close to home. I don't know much about it, it besides it being good for Health Sciences which I want to pursue. So, I was wondering if some VCU current students could help me out!</p>

<li>How is the college life now at VCU (I don't care about the partying. How are the people, events, frats, etc...)?</li>
<li>Why did you choose VCU?</li>
<li>How's the food?</li>
<li>Is it easy to socialize with VCU students?</li>
<li>Does the internet allow playing Video Games (I heard it was blocked). </li>
<li>How are the Dorms?</li>
<li>Is the campus safe now?</li>


<p>Out of 30,000 or so students is there not one who talks on forums? Other colleges have great online communities with much less people. COME ON VCU *** SERIOUSLY U NEEDZ TO REPRESENT?!?!?!!</p>

<p>I went to VCU my freshman year, so I can probably answer these.</p>

<li>Greek life is not very big, but it’s there if you’re interested. There are a lot of hipsters - the artsy crowd is HUGE.</li>
<li>I chose VCU because I didn’t want to go to ODU (near my parents’ house), nor did I want to go to Mason (ironically much closer to my house now). I also got into Longwood, but visited once and hated it. However, in retrospect, VCU was not the right choice for me.</li>
<li>Shafer dining hall is hit or miss. It’s college food. Generally sub-par, but some stations are okay, and breakfast is awesome.</li>
<li>Yes. If you join a club or group, be it academic, social, or athletic, you will quickly meet friends. Also, if you live in the dorms your first year, you will meet a ton of people.</li>
<li>When I went there ('08-9 school year), video games were allowed. I haven’t heard anything about this.</li>
<li>Johnson and Rhoads are older, with typical dorms. Individual rooms (20 or so) per floor and a communal shower. It can be kind of close quarters, but I actually wish I had lived in one of these two. I lived in Brandt, which was newer. It had suite style rooms. There were 6 “rooms” per floor, each with two 2-person bedrooms and a common room. We only had to share a shower with three other people, but you also didn’t interact as much with the people on your floor.</li>
<li>Security is really tight in the freshman dorms. You have to swipe your ID card whenever you come in, and if you have a guest, you have to sign in and hand over both your IDs until that person leaves. As far as the whole “campus” goes though, I would have to say no. It’s in the middle of Richmond, which is a very urban area with a high crime rate. I was never comfortable walking alone at night, and neither was anyone else I knew.</li>

<p>VCU is not a horrible place, it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I hope this helps you make your decision.</p>