A&M Dorm Insurance, Who to use?

<p>Has anybody gotten their child dorm insurance? My homeowners will cover the dorm possesions however, the dorm contents will be subject to our deductible. The deductible is high. So, I want to get my daughter separate insurance. Who did/are you using? Any experience with the insurance company with a claim?</p>

<p>I am with USAA and I spoke to them about this situation. I did go ahead and got my daughter a policy on her own, in her own name. It actually establishes a credit history for her. It was around $100 for the year, and right now I can't remember the deductable, thinking $250. She lived in Callaway House - off campus dorm - and they actually had a water pipe break flooding the 2nd and 1st floor. Some kids stuff was damaged by this, computers, tv's, etc - my daughter was not affected.<br>
I would advise getting a policy - who knows when at 3am some kid will try to jump up and hang from a sprinkler water pipe and the pipe breaks sending 50,000 gallons of water into your students living space :&lt;/p>

<p>I have seen other discussions on the parent forum. You can search there and get lots of info. I wish we could get USAA insurance!</p>