A&M Early Assurance Program Agriculture and Life Sciences to Medicine

Hello, I received an interview for this bsmd program called Ag2M and I was wondering if anybody with experience on this or knows anyone who’s a part of this could reach out to me or give me contact info so I can find out some of the types of questions that are asked. I only know people who interviewed for PPC which was different because it had a lot of questions about primary care.

Congrats…When is your interview? And were you able to find someone to help and guide you. I also got interview for E2M.

Congrats to you too. My interview is on the 15th and no I haven’t found anybody in this program however I have two friends in real life who I talked with about PPC which is the underprivileged primary care one. I also applied here and will get results this week or the next however I’m not sure if I can get interview to both. Were you also able to apply to 2 (PPC and the engineering one) if your zip code was in a Low concentration health care facility area?

Mine is also on 15th at 2:30 pm. I just applied for E2M. Best of luck…

Good luck to you too, mine is at 2pm just before yours so I guess there are a bunch of different interviewers based on the program, that’s interesting.