A new shuttle

<p>A new shuttle will begin running to downtown! Great news for students without cars!</p>

<p>Downtown</a> Express | SGA at UA - The University of Alabama</p>

The SGA and Transportation Services are proud to announce the all new DOWNTOWN EXPRESS! The Downtown Express will provide convenient and efficient transportation to and from campus and downtown locations for students. The Downtown Express will consist of a north campus route and a south campus route stopping at campus and downtown locations. This service will be provided on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings starting Thursday February 16.</p>

<p>Operating Times:</p>

<p>Thursday: 6:00pm – 2:00am</p>

<p>Friday: 6:00pm – 3:00am</p>

<p>Saturday: 6:00am – 2:00am


<p>Thanks for sharing that!</p>

<p>Great news! So needed!!!</p>

<p>Now, encourage your kids to USE it and USE IT OFTEN.</p>

<p>The problem with these new route trials is that sometimes kids don't soon use them, and then Bama determines that they aren't needed.</p>

<p>Looking at the hours of operation it doesn't appear this designed for students without cars to run errands but more for getting to the clubs and nightlife.</p>

<p>^^^true, but it will also allow those without a car to have more options for dinning out when they are tired of dinning hall dinners :)</p>

<p>It will also allow students to attend Art Night at the Harrison Gallery, something my daughter hasn't been able to do since she is without a car.</p>

<p>bamagirls quote:
Looking at the hours of operation it doesn't appear this designed for students without cars to run errands but more for getting to the clubs and nightlife.</p>



<p>but when you think about what's Downtown and when students mostly go there...it is at night. Probably not many students there during the day.</p>

<p>However, if there are a number of destinations there that students frequent during the day, then maybe the school needs to be aware of it.</p>

<p>Great news...thanks.</p>

<p>Is there still a shuttle that goes to Midtown Village? Does it still only go on Sunday afternoons? If so, that's what needs to change and have more routes. Midtown Village parking on weekends is crazy.</p>

<p>i was at Midtown Village last weekend (obviously not a football weekend) and it was hard to find parking (maybe MV needs to buy the land across the street, put in a parking garage, and include a walk-over bridge.</p>

<p>Yes, it still only goes on Sunday afternoons and it includes a stop at Target and the Mall (can't remember the name, but the indoor one across from Midtown). D uses it almost every week.</p>

<p>I would agree on increasing routes to places such as Midtown Village. We were also there this weekend to sign a lease and it was packed. If the new shuttle keeps some kids from driving after drinking that will be great and I support it for safer transportation. But I really can't see many students who aren't going out to drink wanting to ride it with a bunch of kids who are drinking. Running from 6 p.m. until 3 a.m. is more likely to attract those going to bars than dinner.</p>

<p>Yup. Sunday afternoon shuttle still runs; D takes it every other week. She has friends with cars that will run her over there if she needs it, but likes to take it on Sundays anyway so she can shop at her leisure ;)</p>