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<p>So everyone has at least one school he feels confident about. You know, it's just the feeling that everything turned out perfectly (interview, application, etc.) What's your school(s) and why?</p>

<p>Mine is Exeter, because of the interview (didnt go amazing, but there was just something about it) and because they said they look for writers and I put the most effort and time into that application (plus i sent in an art/writing portfolio)</p>

<p>also Taft, because i just... love it. Everything went perfectly, but I must admit that I should've put more effort into the essays. Also, my interview was more like a conversation I would have with a friend, not a stranger that I tried to impress.</p>

<p>hopefully this thread would spark some interest, haha. CC has been running dry with its "7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 days left" threads.</p>

<p>I feel confident about Choate because I received a phone call from a man at admissions a few days ago, telling me I've been nominated for a scholarship :)</p>

<p>I figure if I'm one of the few nominated for the scholarship, I should at least be good enough to get accepted, at least I surely hope! The scholarship is pretty amazing too...It includes a Choate-sponsered activity (up to $5k!) in my junior/senior summer in which I can choose to participate in any community service project.</p>

<p>But yes, my interview also went very well, I believe. I also loved the short responses, they were a lot more fun than some of the other schools', that were quite generic.</p>

<p>woah, congrats!
wait, do you need fa? or is it a scholarship for just anyone they think is worthy?
hmm I think that's an early hint that you're accepted? I mean, why would you be nominated and not even get accepted?</p>

<p>Thanks :) </p>

<p>Yep, I need FA as well, and Choate acknowledged it.</p>

<p>I really am hoping that this means I'm accepted, but you can never tell.</p>

<p>true, you could be competing against those whom are also nominated. Well, you'll know pretty soon. Good luck!</p>

<p>Yeah, in two days! Honestly I'm not very anxious...I definitely thought I would be incredibly nervous when I started the application, waiting for the decisions, but I have a lot of other things on my mind at the moment. :P</p>

<p>It seems to me that you must be accepted. While I'm not an expert, I cannot imagine why someone from admissions would call you to discuss a scholarship nomination if you had not been accepted. That would be too weird, and a few days ago they would have known who was accepted. So, congratulations!</p>

<p>Choate because their application allowed me to express my creativity and "mature perspective" (i hope). esp. the self-assesment.</p>

<p>everything was on time.</p>

<p>the interview really, really went well. i can say it was my best (maybe second best, or tied at first with tabor). we were at a cafe and someone who was sitting a table away overheard our interview and when we i got up to leave, he came over and said something along the lines of, "i just wanted to give you this, as one of our leaders of tomorrow.." i don't remember. and then he gave me an article on something.. it was very flattering! and the interviewer and i just clicked. long conversation.. i think it lasted 2 hours. i loved my interview w/ her. and the admissions called a few weeks ago to verify something that they wouldnt need to know unless i was accepted. but i'm prepared to be rejected.</p>

<p>everyone got posters from choate, yes?</p>

<p>and tabor... great interview (she already knew my family and stuff) and she started planning my schedule for next year while i was on the phone. and she sent me an email that said "congratulations" today..who knows. i hope my younger cousin gets in.</p>

<p>i'm completely prepared to be rejected from everywhere, though. i'm not even anxious to hear the decision anymore. a little, but not "anxious".</p>

<p>and least w/ st. paul's... interview went ehhhhhh. it wasn;t exactly bad, it was just sooo flat.. and a little bad. i saw typos in my app (online) because i was in a rush.. my writing was completely unrepresentative of my ability they have 10 spots and i was unprepared an whatnot. who cares.. it's one school.</p>

<p>I have a good feeling about St. Mark's. My application seemed very solid, my stats are good for that school, and the interview went really well. They made an exception to let me come on that day, so the Director of Admissions interviewed me, and it seemed to go very well. The best part is, I'd really like to go there. :)</p>

<p>I like you, prettyckitty. I think you posess something very special for this board - you don't care about prestige.</p>

<p>I also liked St. Marks. It has a beautiful campus. It was snowing the day we went for my interview and it was covered in snow. Although I didn't go there, it is a great school. </p>

<p>Pretty, based on your posts over the last few months, I'll be surprised if you don't get into every school that you have applied to. Your posts are thoughtful and intelligent.</p>

<p>Thanks, Kiddo. That would be amazing, but I really doubt it would happen. I don't know what I would do if it did. Probably faint from shock. :D</p>

<p>You have demonstrated your ability to see past prestige yourself, blairt. I think it's great that you're just as excited to go to Tabor as to Andover or Exeter.</p>

<p>well for me, i almost did not get to schedule an interview w/ exeter (ahhhh... :D) b/c i was leaving for idyllwild arts. it was at a little cafe in davis (love taht city, its such a hippie college town) two nights before i was supposed to fly out. omg it was hands down my best interview, i LOVED my interviewer (i swear she looked about 25 but she said she was goign to be heading down to her 25th class reunion pretty soon, 0.o) and the funny thing was that i was freaking out about possibly not getting an interview for my #1 choice school... but yeah, she was a really cool alum, very energetic, great sense of humor. :) </p>

<p>but in terms of essays, i found choate;s to be the most difficult (also i ran out of time so i didnt end going through w/ my app, plus myinterview was terrible- the guy literally gave me 10 min., plus his phone rang during and he talked for like 8 of the 10 min., we went over time so my mom's 'interview' was like 7 minutes. very very diappointing, i didnt feel very welcoem to the school- but i have to say that iloved my tour guides, very genuinely sweet girls, i feel as though the ppl are veryvery nice and open at choate. just that adcom was kindof an a-s-s HAHA i can say that cuz im not applying hehehe... :D perhaps i shouldve applied to deerfield, eh? ;) </p>

<p>andover's essay i found to be very time consuming, loll imean they waste no time getting right to the point and asking, "what do u find challenging in ur day to day life, and 'what do u like most about urself and why", loll they were very very serious questions. lawrenceville's questions i found to be the most generic and miss-america-like. "name ur greatest contribution to a club, sport, team, etc."- pretty lame i thought.</p>

<p>You have demonstrated your ability to see past prestige yourself, blairt. I think it's great that you're just as excited to go to Tabor as to Andover or Exeter.</p>

<p>ahh, i find that i tend to go for prestige. :D afterall, theyre usually the ones w/ the best <em>everything</em>- sports, diversity, course offerings, academic resources, etc. :)</p>

you mean the poster with all the pictures on it and a football player on the other side??
yea, i got it</p>

<p>The only school I did not like that I applied to was St.Mark's.I did not feel that welcomed.The schools of my choices I like the best are Tabor,Exeter,Choate,and Peddie. Blair I am not sure on though I did not visit so maybe.</p>

<p>I put the Choate poster up on my wall on all-the-pictures side.</p>

<p>OK, well... here's mine.</p>

<p>I applied just to Andover and Choate, but I'm more confident about Andover than I am about Choate. I think that my essays went okay - the last one was pretty good. My interview was amazing - I really clicked with my interviewer, and I managed to say everything "personal" about me that seemed appealing. I just have a good feeling about Andover.</p>

<p>I think that prestige and quality are different ... prestige is just going to the school that has the "name" - i.e. Andover and Exeter. If you like both of those schools for the sports, academics, dorm life, etc., then that's quality, not prestige.</p>

<p>I applied to Andover. In my opinion, I feel my interview was one of my strongest suits in the application process. Some of you may know her, Terri Moss-Tyler. She is an amazing woman. I feel as if we really had nice conversations over the course of the interview. I thought my essays were good overall. Many of you may have seen my essay posted on the three dormmates and roomates. Yes, I think it did follow an unoriginal format. Had I had more time, I would have thought of better ways to use opening statements to each paragraph, but I believe I got my point across nicely. My recs. were pretty good. My teachers showed me. My SSATs were my worst part of my application, not my best test.</p>

<p>I tried my best! All I can do now is hope!!</p>

<p>Good luck to everyone else on this board!!! If I ever got accepted into Andover, I would WANT to give a couple of you my spot! Some of you seem amazing with better stats. than myself, and I admit that. I hate to point one individual out, but I think prettyckitty seems like the best match I have ever seen for Andover!</p>


<p>I would also like to add olivia and tommeister. Great Andover candidates for admission. =]</p>

<p>Sorry if I left anyone out. I'm not so farmiliar with all you CC members. I apologize. </p>

<p>From what it seems, all applicants on this board are motivated, independant, respectful, mature young people who all deserve and SHOULD belong to a prep. school community. We care so much we spend all our free time here on CC, right?</p>

<p>Hmmm, I'm actually confident about Choate.... but.. the interview was horrible. I did one of those double interviews (taft was first) and I was just so tired by the end, but everything else for Choate is near perfect (in showing who I really am/creativity/etc.), so who knows?</p>

<p>Looking back to a couple of months ago, all the small little fights that people had on CC were completely pointless, and I'm glad we all have respect for one another now. I think everyone on here has great qualities and I don't think I came across even 1 bad candidate. Best of luck to you all tomorrow. No matter what, you'll be great because you've all shown that you can be dedicated to something you really desire.</p>