A NFL running playoff thread

“I also believe each team should get a possession. They already set the clock for 15 minutes. If the first team with the ball scores then they should kick off and the other team goes. After each team has possession then the sudden death comes in.”.

That is the current rule for NFL playoff games. Currently both teams must have possessed the ball in playoff overtime for the sudden death to kick in. The exception to this is if the first team to possess the ball scores a touchdown. Then the game is over. The purpose of this rule is to prevent crucial playoff games to be decided by a team winning the coin toss, running a couple of plays, and then kicking a field goal. The first team has to at least take all the way to the endzone for sudden death apply before both teams have possessed the ball.

I believe both teams should possess the ball before sudden death regardless of how they scored, what they scored or if they scored. Both teams should have the chance to use their offense and their defense. The current rule stinks and does give too much power to the coin toss.

In baseball should a team who scores in the top of the tenth automatically win or does the other team get their chance in the bottom of the tenth? I think we all know the answer to that.

Ya, but the complaint in baseball is that the game goes on too long. Also, in baseball, the pitcher/catcher combo controls most of the game. Football, it takes all 11 men working together, hopefully.

I wanted KC to win, but rules are rules. KC’s defense stunk all season. If KC had a good defense, then they could have just stopped them. And didn’t someone post that it’s essentially a 50/50 proposition, the winner of the coin flip winning the game?

No, it is more like the first possession wins about 54% of the overtime games that do not end in a tie.

I am so looking forward to watching the New England Patriots Invitational Bowl on February 3rd! :)) :))

My son is a freshman in college and the Patriots have been in half of all the Super Bowls played since he was born.

I don’t consider ties winning.

Hey, maybe the Celtics will get an invite this June to the Golden State Warriors Invitational NBA Finals, but probably not though. =))

So out of 87 games that went to overtime from 2010-2017, the results were:

45 first possession won
37 first possession lost
5 still tied after overtime

I.e. there was a first possession advantage in current NFL overtime during that time period.

But to be clear, the team receiving the ball first eventually won the game 45 times out of 87. They did not win it on the first possession by moving the ball straight down the field and scoring a TD, so the other team’s offense never got on the field (as happened to KC). The kickoff receiving team only scored a TD on the first possession less than a 20% of the time. Thus, in 80+% of the OT games, both teams touched the ball at least once.

Two Saints season ticket holders sue over blown call

It is time for the Saints to get over it. They had two chances to win after the call and failed to stop the Rams from tying in regulation and they DID win the coin toss in OT. They didn’t score in OT.

Both games went into OT. The coin toss winning team won one, lost one. Seems 50/50 to me.

The two Saints fans have no standing to sue. That suit will be bounced by tomorrow.

Can I sue somebody since our kicker likes to hit the uprights instead of kicking through the posts like everyone did last weekend?

Ya, I want to sue KC, because it’s their field where Jimmy G. tore his ACL.

Let the Rams and the Saints play again after the Super Bowl.

^^they should play this weekend!

Or, how about a loser’s bracket: KC hosting the 'Aints?

They should just get over it.

There was a Detroit Tiger pitching a perfect game. On the last out, the first base umpire blew the out and called the runner safe when he was clearly out. Home plate umpire didn’t overrule. It was before replay. Guy lost his perfect game.

1972 gold medal basketball game. Ice skating with bad judges. They can’t go back and change it all. Game’s over.

The pitcher was Armando Galarraga and the umpire, Jim Joyce. I’m not even a Tigers fan and that one still hurts a lot. :((

No one is ever going to get over the 1972 gold medal game… and losing a perfect game means very little - while it sucked for the pitcher, and the umpire felt terrible afterwards, it had no impact on the outcome (other than the record books) of what was essentially an insignificant game.

On the other hand, this game was almost assuredly stripped from one team (maybe 95% likely if the easy, correct call was made). Yes, the Saints could have overcome their bad luck, if you want to call it that - but that’s not the point. For what it’s worth, I was rooting for the Rams, though not passionately.