A NFL running playoff thread

Colts vs. Texans
Chargers vs. Ravens
Seahawks vs. Cowboys
Eagles vs. Bears

I have the Colts, Chargers, Seahawks and da Bears moving on this weekend.
What about you?
Was the last Eagles/Bears playoff matchup the Fog Bowl? Don’t recalll if they have met again in the post season since then, but that was a crazy game to watch will Randall Cunningham trying to scramble and throw in virtually zero visibility.

Go Seahawks!!
I like your picks @author

Go Cowboys, Go KC Chiefs next weekend.

3 road teams and one home @author? It seems that people like the road teams in this round.

I’d really like Andy Reid to get his first super bowl ring. And de-throne the patriots.

I think I’ll go for Texans, Ravens, Seahawks and toss up Eagles. I like Nick Foles. And just can’t pick Cowboys so go Hawks.

The last time the Bears played a team that had a quarterback who produced “magic”, Trubisly threw for 6 TDs. I’m expecting a convincing Bears victory.

My sister’s husband and her two kids are at the Colts’ game in Houston today. They are big Colts fans and my dad knows someone with season’s tickets for the Texans - the guy gave my dad his three tickets for free!

I think it will be Colts, Ravens, Seahawks and Eagles

I could easily go the other way on all the games except on the Seahawks. Granted the Cowboys beat the Saints…I just don’t think the Cowboys are that good.

Except for the Eagles/Bears, you are right @deb22, all the other point spreads are home team, so Vegas is essentially saying these teams are pretty much equals.

Chargers have to overcome the west to east coast, 10am body clock start time.

For Bears/Eagles and Chargers/Ravens, the interesting choice is whether you think the difference maker is the experienced QB vs.the inexperienced one or the suffocating defenses.

@ProfessorPlum168 Do you think Trubisky is the new Joe Flacco?

The Colts are looking great early in this game @author. They say defense wins in the playoffs, don’t they?

I think Phillip Rivers deserves more than he has achieved so I’d love for them to win. But Baltimore seems the hot team plus home field.

I don’t have a team (sorry Lions fan) so don’t have a favorite in this round. And I’m not sure I can root too hard for the Bears lol

Philip Rivers has 8 1/2 kids. 10 am is probably sleeping in for him.

I will predict a Colts win since I am watching the game with only 4 minutes to go they are 21/7.

But all I have to say is DaBears :wink:

@author the Flacco comparison is a new one…hmmm…maybe… I think Trubisky’s game now is like what Steve Young’s was, early in his career when he was in Tampa Bay. Great with his legs, inconsistent with downfield passing but when he’s on, he has the ability to throw a 75-80% completion rate.

I think the Bears D will be too much for Foles, they will do to him like what the Clemson D did to Ian Book and Notre Dame, take away his short passing lanes, forcing him to go to option 2 and 3 and putting the heat on.

Outside of the national TV game where Trubisky was coming off a hurt shoulder, he’s been very accurate in the last 3/4ths of the season.
Chiefs open -6 in the Saturday early game next week. I’ll take those points. I like the Colts straight up.
A QB without playoff experience is always a concern. But man, Mahomes seems fearless.

Mahomes is great. Don’t even know who to compare him to. Sometimes a great one comes along but I am truly surprised he has developed so quickly.

Yep, Mahomes is great as a Red Raider that I am I a pulling for the Chiefs.

@Knowsstuff Kliff Kingsbury is a big reason Patrick came into the NFL with the foundation of the spread offense, and of course God give talent and a father that was MLB pitcher.

Mahomes has hada great year, but there’s been plenty of qbs who have been great their first year of playing, only to fizzle after the DC’s have had time to figure them out. Or they get injured because they insist on running, which in the NFL gets you killed.

Was hoping the Texans would win, as I think they would be an easier target for the Patriots than the Ravens or Chargers, but I guess they were easier for the Colts, too.

I hate the Seachickens slightly more than the Cowgirls, so I guess I am rooting for Dallas? Ugh.

Indy is the hottest team in the league right now, if they get by the Chiefs (and the Chiefs should be worried) maybe we’ll get a DeflateGate revenge game in the AFCCG. Assuming the Patsies win next week, which is not a sure thing either.

That was an obscenely good throw and catch for Seattle.Not having a kicker oddly helped Seattle on their last drive. More inventive and strategic play calling knowing they had four downs to get first downs and their 2-point conversion forced Dallas to score a touchdown.Pretty good back and forth game.

My weird theory that your punter should always be able to placekick at least a high school kicker level was validated tonight.
But, because they didn’t have a kicker, the Seahawks got the two-pointer on that last touchdown and covered the spread.

I think in a few years, the extra point will become obsoleted as teams figure out that the odds of getting a 2 pointer is worth it. Similar to how analytics figured out that shooting 3 pointers in basketball are worth it.