A NFL running playoff thread

Tom Brady project wins science fair. :smiley:


I’m sure his mother can throw just like Tom.

Tom admitted he likes the balls to be on the underside of inflation. Peyton Manning likes them over the limit.

When deflategate hit, in my AP Chem class I had my students run the calculations using the ideal gas law, and it proved the deflation was caused by temperature drop. That 10 year old threw footballs–are you kidding??? Surely judged by pseudo-scientists–who won last year, healing with crystals?

My S23 made it to the finals for his science fair project proving the opposite a few years ago! :)) We did not throw footballs, we measured the inflation rate of the footballs after being in hot and cold conditions to prove the temperature can change the inflation. It was fun and for once S23 was actually interested in his project.

I personally thought the kid was slightly cocky and using the word hate is sorta extreme for a young kid… Way to go parents! :-S

Well, if we can only find the guy they called “The Deflator,” then maybe we could ask him about it. :))

The NFL is fining the Rams player for helmet-to-helmet contact.

That will not help Saints fans get over it. ?

Hall of famer Michael Irvin came up with a stat from somewhere, stating that when NFL teams win a game they probably should not have won, the next week they are 5-21. Chalked it up to some sort of guilt, “we didn’t deserve that win”??? Seemed like a weird stat.

well… here we go again… Atlanta is expecting very cold temps and a possible wintery mix in the next few days…

perhaps slightly OT, but anyone watching teh ProBowl?

Andew Luck: “88 Sluggo.” (Everyone just stares at him,). Ok, you go to the corner and you go over here (as he points to the sideline for a check down).

Reminds me of playing street ball and Club.

Sorry- am watching Nathan Chen on the national figure skating. UNBELIEVABLY INCREDIBLE. Four quad jumps plus much more. Flawless! Is something like 70 points ahead of the second place competitor.

Well, that was a game only a Patriots fan could love, but I’ll take it!

Defense wins championships, and the Pats had a game plan that completely stymied the 2nd-ranked offense of 2018. This was a team that scored more than the 1999 “Greatest Show of Turf” Super Bowl winners, and they got shut. down.

I loved the shot near the end of McVay, and he had this blank, 1000-yard stare on his face.

And what is up with Gurley? He claims he’s not injured, the team claims he’s not injured, but he’s played like the 5th string running back since the beginning of December.

It was a strange game that no one expected. Brady got some throws in when he needed to. Hats off to both defenses.

I would not be surprised if we learn in the next few days that Gurley is having surgery on something like his knee… Maybe he should put something out there anyway if he’s not hurt like doing a rehabilitation program. That is not his best at all.

He hasn’t been on the injury report for a month, so if that’s the case, the Rams have some 'splaining to do.




That was football played soccer-style: ineffective offenses that turned scoring into a seemingly-impossible task. Pro soccer fans should have loved it.

Goff looked absolutely lost out there.

Such a boring game but I liked the outcome. If Gronk does retire at least he is going out on a high note. Edelman was great. I almost considered driving the 3 hours to Disney today to see the parade but I am too lazy for that!

nfl100 - best commercial of the dat. But, only one nit for actual reality: Franco shoulda caught that ball off the floor!

The Patriots dynasty continues. :)) :))

I found the game very exciting.

I realize that not everyone finds defense exciting. However, I was very aware going into this game how strong both offenses are. It is almost unthinkable that both defenses would be able to keep the other team out of the end zone through the middle of the fourth quarter. We say a very impressive defensive performance from both teams.

Goff did look lost. I can only imagine how tough is would be to fail this spectacularly in front of such a huge audience. Perhaps one consolation is that we all knew going into the game that he was a very young quarterback going against the greatest head coach in the history of football. This has to at least explain the pain. I expect that he will learn a lot from this experience and be that much stronger in the future.

Going in I was skeptical about all this talk about “experience”. After the fact, given how well both defenses played and how close the game was, I am thinking that experience might very well have made the difference.

I am wondering whether the Patriots dynasty has one more good year left, or if we just saw the end of it. It has been a very impressive run.