A+ Notes

<p>does anyone know anyting about this A+ notes?
do you guys know where to buy them?</p>

<p>Never heard of them. What are they?</p>

<p>it's like notes..for each subject</p>

<p>I don't know if there's an A+ Notes, but there is a Classical Notes that provides that service. They don't have notes for all the classes, and if you use them, I suggest that you use them only as a supplement to your own notes. If you miss a class, I'd suggest getting notes from a trusted classmate at least in addition to Classical Notes. Anyone who is willing to show up to all the classes can be hired by Classical Notes, which is no guarantee that he or she is a good note-taker. My friends who have subscribed have had mixed results; sometimes the notes they got were awesome, sometimes they were miserable (the results are slightly weighted to the latter). Some professors will also put supplementary material there, like extra homework sets for those who want extra practice. Along that line, other professors will put old or practice exams in the Shields Library Reserves (also available online with your Kerbos and UCD ID). Classical Notes is in the Memorial Union, next to Campus Copies, across from the travel agency.</p>

<p>Classical Notes? never heard of them either...lol
i thought you were talking about the online one...
hmm...so...classical notes are classified by professors and subjects?
are they illegal anyway?</p>

<p>Oh you're right, I vaguely remember hearing about a former student who set up an online notes service, but I don't know anyone who uses it or anything about it. Most people go to Classical Notes, which as mentioned above, is conveniently located in the Memorial Union. </p>

<p>The note-taking service is not illegal, and most (not all) professors will tell you if there are notes for their class or supplementary material available there. If you want another perspective or missed a class and need notes, you can always check with the people staffing Classical Notes to see if there are notes there for your class, even if your professor hasn't announced it. It is a business and you will pay, but I don't think it's all that much. I think it's a few dollars for a single lecture, and $20 or so for the entire course.</p>

<p>oh...so it's like ..u buy that for each lecture...
and all of the materials are from that year (then how do u buy for the entire course?)...not from the prevoius years...</p>

<p>are the classical notes printed on red paper with black letters? (so actually, students cant borrow from each other to make copies...)</p>

<p>Yes, you buy them as they come in, as professors will change their lectures. If you're using them to supplement your own notes, you're not really going to need them before the lecture you attend, and if you're subscribing instead of going to class, well you're just happy to have the notes. As for as keeping people from making copies, I'm sure users agree not to make copies, and if they get caught, they are referred to Judical Affairs for sanction. I don't think it's too much of a problem though; most people I know would rather borrow a friend's notes than a complete stranger's.</p>

<p>oh..then i guess it's another kind of note...
cuz there is another kind of note that are printed on red papers (and it's definite)
(i am sure every sku has that...)</p>